1 Month

I can hardly believe that Jack is a month old! This has been the best yet fastest month of my life! I have loved every second of getting to know Jack and being his mama. 

Jack has started to be awake more and track you as you move. He’s starting to smile more…still gas, but it’s cute! He loves to lay and just look around. Still loves to be swaddled and bounced. Absolutely loves music and car rides! He loves his paci, too!

He is still such a great eater and when I give him a bottle he can drink 5oz and sometimes still wants more. He continues to fill at least ten diapers a day! He’s been sleeping good though the night and only wakes up once – change his diaper and eats and back to sleep! 

He continues to hate baths but calms down when I wash his hair. He now owns his own “wet brush”. 

We enjoyed a full day of Fuller House with Jack’s Aunt Abbey on her snow day this past week. Along with watching lifetime movies with his mama during the day since we’ve had a few snow storms.

In a month he’s been to Target twice, Meijer for groceries, Hobby Lobby, Mall twice, church, met the girls at the salon and two walks. He likes to get out and about just like his parents! 

He’s been so spoiled by friends and family as they have came to meet him and brought us dinner and gifts. 

He is so loved! 


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