10…9…8 The Real World

Well it’s been awhile, time seems to get away from me! Seth returned home from school and since then we have been running (literally…but also as in errands too) everywhere, working, and working on wedding stuff!

We spent our first week with Seth home organizing him and setting up his office for the next month. Organized wedding gifts and were reminded how blessed we are. Took trips to goodwill and trips to the resale for clothes. We’ve been preparing to move into a home and we couldn’t be more impatient and excited to see where we would go!

We tasted food and selected our cake. We put wedding details together and worked on decorations. Ordered invitations and prayed they will be here this week. I went for my first dress fitting and had a practice updo which made it that much more real.

Then yesterday we went and looked at a possible home. And I think it’s a done deal and we can’t be more than excited! It will be a drive for me to work, but I will be changing my schedule and working a few days a week. But it’s the move we need. They say if you don’t do it when you have the opportunity you never will. So it’s the right time to move a little distance away but still close enough to our family and friends. It’s the location Seth wanted for a future business It will be a great starter home, after a little…a lot…of work that will be finished right before the end of June. Then I had to tell Seth “You’re right, we were faithful even when our patience was tested”. So here’s to new big real world adventures to come in the next two months! I’m beyond excited and I’m so ready to move all our stuff into a home together, celebrate our love with family and friends, and of course to finally fly away with my best friend to soak up the sun in Punta Cana! Then then to return home to do it all over again and celebrate my best friend’s wedding!

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