15 – Thank Goodness it’s Good Friday

Off to Florida with the family! Last family vacation being a single girl. I’m so ready to soak up the sun, not worry about weddings & work, and hang out with the absolute coolest people I know for the week!! Every year our group gets bigger, but I think we’ve hit the record at eighteen. That will be fun waiting to eat, right?

I’m a lover for the ocean and the warm weather. If only I could wake up to the ocean every morning. Maybe someday it will happen, but for now I’ll just soak up the week that I have on the white sandy beaches, reading Karen Kingsbury, and getting my tan on for my July wedding.

Side note: I’m thankful for my mamas skin that she passed on to me, I can can once and be black all summer!

But last night I hung out with Seth in his office with piles of our home stuff. We talked about life. I found the book A Hundred Things To Ask Before You Get Married, it was a pretty fun time reading it, being serious and yet sometimes hysterically laughing. At times I think we know everything about each other, but I’ve been told that will all change once we are married. But it was enjoyable, it was less stressful than picking out details for the wedding, or discussing where we will live. We did call this week a new apartment complex, we were told we were on the waiting list for a two bedroom, because Seth needs an office since he will work from home, but we were told the lady is possibly looking for a home. I just want to find her and drive her around town where there’s a for sale sign at every block. But, I remain positive. As Seth reminded me the other night not to worry, that God will provide. I look towards that to remind me that God never gives me anything I can’t handle. And He has proven His love time and time again.

But today, I’m also thankful for what the meaning for today is, I’m thankful that my Jesus died on the cross for my sins. How powerful is that? It amazes me and it over flows my heart. What a selfless thing for all of us who go about our days sinning on a daily basis. But to have Jesus in your heart, excepting Him and knowing that one day you will have eternal life. It completely moves me. I love my Lord and I can’t imagine living life any other way. I pray that the battles He has put me through shines to you, I think God placed that in my life to help me or others later in life. So here’s to all my believers, have a fabulous Good Friday and remind yourself why you’re here and the selfless act Jesus did so you could live eternal life.

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