19 – Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…or so they say

Right now I’m holding on to the fact that in nineteen weeks we will be done with distance! It’s crazy to me that were in the teens, but I can’t wait for ten more weeks to fly by to be in the singles. By that time Seth will be a graduate of IWU and the distance will be gone forever. Only seven more weeks of that crazy talk. But tonight I’m wishing this next week to fly by fast. Extra fast!

Tonight Seth is heading to Florida with three of his roommates to board the ship in the afternoon tomorrow for the Bahamas. They are taking my car, and hopefully they will see the light of day upon returning! I’m already tired of driving Seth’s truck. It’s too loud. I have to literally jump into it. And it’s very inconvivient when trying to have a spot for your stuff with a dog in tow. I get it, I get why Seth complains all the time and why he wants a car. Totally got it now!

But the reason why I’m not looking forward to this week is…no contact. No contact at all for six days. We’ve never done something like this before. I understand people do it everyday and they survive. But my heart goes into a whole other level of aching because I miss him. I’ll survive we all know it. He will have a complete blast with his friends. Laugh a lot. Get sunburnt I’m sure. But what’s most important is his time away with friends, although this is a daily occasion, right?

I’m thrilled that Seth has surrounded himself with the people he has. The people that don’t have to go out of their way to say hello to me either. I enjoy being around Seth’s friends and all the laugher and stories they bring. Seth will have a great time, and there is still that part of me that makes me feel horrible that he is getting married and I will take that away from him, but then I remember he probably won’t want to pay the outrageous cost of school just to spend more time with them in that way after April. I will make sure to be a good wife and support his relationship with his friends, because that is important to both of us. That’s a healthy relationship. It’s not healthy to be only around one another all the time. You need to be social, and quite frankly I’m sure Seth will get tried of me here and there. I’m sure I will too, but right now I can’t even imagine the feeling.

So here’s to a fast week and a great trip for Seth! And in nineteen weeks will be off on our own boarding a plane together, alone, for Punta Cana and I can’t wait to know the feeling!

Have a wonderful weekend!

With Love, Jillian Lane

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