23 – Check Marks

I went to bed on Friday night in a panic that I forgot to post. But I’m sure you will forgive me. I’m still working my New Years resolution of blogging more.

With twenty-three weeks to go til Our wedding day we’ve been busy selecting decor ideas, selecting tuxes, writing letters to our bridal party and the search to find a place to live.

Finally after years of dreaming of the place where I’d call home, the time is becoming more near and it’s feeling a bit more real. I always thought I’d be in a big city and that I’d come back and visit for holidays. I’d work until Seth finished school and then run away together and start a life together, but after praying about our future we may not be skipping so far away after July. This weekend we begin the search to find a place to call home. We’ve decided to live outside of Elkhart County, but no worries, I’ll still be making you all beautiful back in Nappanee. It’s best for us now with Seth freelancing and building his business up and with my clientele finally where I see it progressing, it makes sense. It may be tough at first, but it’s important to never give up on your dreams and live a life of “what ifs”. God wants us here, sometimes I wonder why, but I’m willing to see where He takes us. I will never be up against packing up and moving away if that’s where we are called. My heart tells me that my God has something bigger for me. I have big aspirations for myself, and for my future husband and family. I never want to be the girl who settles with the life she has, when she feels like there’s so much more to it. I want to wake up every morning on fire for where God wants us. We have amazing family and friends who continue to support our goals and dreams. Right now as a future wife it’s about thinking of someone else besides myself. And I will soon have a husband that will bend over backwards to make my dreams come true also.

For now this is where God wants us. He shows me that He has made me unique and He’s also showing me that I’ve learned patience. I’ve rolled with the punches. But as I pray for direction and where I want to be the rest of my life I see lots of possibilities. I don’t see myself settling. I don’t see myself in Nappanee forever. At times I see my career path changing, I love my job and have the worlds best clientele, dont get me wrong, but I just dont feel like this is where I’ll be the rest of my life. Everyday I thank God and pray for you, I’m so thankful for what I’ve been given. But someways I’m ready to be a salon owner – I’m passionate about creativity, decor, and hospitality. I have a huge passion for kids – I’d love to teach, or I’d love to be in labor & delivery. Or maybe I’ll fill that void when I’m a mom someday. And Seth has big plans to have a business of his own. I refuse to ever give up on our dreams.

But, I’ll leave it to God. He already has my story written, it’s my job to praise him and obey him in the good and tough times. He knows my heart, and he’s made me who I am. He’s made me with the kind heart I have and a passion for life. But for now, I’ll praise him even when my patients is running on low and I’ll keep making my lists and checking them off. And I’ll live for today and not worry for tomorrow, for it has it’s own worries. {Matthew 6:34}

With Love, Jillian Lane

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