Ten Little Things

TEN things all about me…

one. My favorite travel snack is beef jerky. But only original, my mouths watering.

two. I’ve discovered that all my dreams of wanting a puppy have been smashed by the newest Wegmiller-gang, Wyatt. I’m thankful he taught me this until I discovered it out way too soon. I also never wanted a dog until after we were married, and now I wouldn’t trade mine for any amount of money.

three. I’m beginning to be this person full of stress with wedding preparations and real life big decisions that I let every {little} comment hurt and confuse me. I want to find the old Jillian that just brushed everything off and never was self-couscous or thought too hard into what people had to say. It’s stress, and it’s my perfection shining through, and trying to be the best to everyone is super hard sometimes. I hope that it will all change after July.

four. I’ve only ever kissed one guy. He was my first kiss ((almost)) eight years ago, and will be my last. We joke that we may be the most horrible kissers in the world, we may, but who’s to judge.

five. I find myself listening to the music that Seth likes. It never was this way. But I now find myself dancing it up to timeflies in the mornings or Cee Lo Green’s new song that I hear three times a day at work. Also, I never used to like my bass up in my car, and I haven’t changed since the guys drove my car to Florida.

six. I’m way more unorganized than I ever thought I’d be with this wedding, or that I’d want to be, or even should be. The time is ticking but I still don’t believe we’re finally getting married, or for that fact that July is just around the corner.

seven. I will never have short hair again, but don’t hold it against me. I look back at pictures and I look like I’m in middle school.

eight. I’ve never broken a bone or had stitches, besides my wisdom teeth, but does that count? I’ve had staples in my head from busting it open on a game of tag in Florida when I was ten. But other than that, no. But I am now twenty-two and my body feels like I’m old, really old. My left knee has bugged me for years, and it makes me want to gag at times when I bend down and it pops and tears. Lovely, huh. My left shoulder has ached since August, and now is starting to feel better, but at times aches all down into my pinky, again…great, huh. Then I woke up on Sunday to my right wrist aching into my pinky feeling like I slept on it wrong, but nope four days later I don’t think that’s the case. I think I’m broken, and wonder if Seth still wants to marry me.

nine. I love summer and I can’t wait until it decides to roll back around. I love running and biking with Seth. I love staying up late and talking outside by the pool. I love the hot summer sun on my face and the way it just makes your day so much better. I plan on boycotting my winter coat when I come back from Florida, that should do it, right?

ten. I am absolutely in love with the man that made me this NEW WEBSITE!!!!! Oh, I bet you already knew that though, but it never hurts to tell you again. Seth is one month from graduation {TODAY} with a Computer Science degree, and minor in Business. I never thought the time would come. Seth is working on his business, that he has already started work for, with Eden Creative.They are a branding business, here to make beautiful websites, logos, business cards, marketing, you name it! He is working on his LLC for the business, along with the stress and headaches to join. Seth will be working along side his best friend, and our best man, Zach Grantham. He is also graduate of Indiana Wesleyan and he graduated with a Graphic Design major, and was a former soccer player along side Seth. God truly works in amazing ways and is bringing out the most amazing talent and clientele for them along the way. It’s been amazing to watch Seth’s clientele grow, and just seeing who he has worked for the past four years has been such a blessing and truly has been such a God-thing.

So…who learned something about me? If not, at least you had the chance to be one of the firsts to see this beautiful website! Go ahead, look around. Leave me a comment. Write me an email. I. Dare. You.

oh, and my picture on my profile was Seth’s photography at its finest. I’d do anything for that boy. Even dress up to stand in the cold so he can tell me how much he hates his photography class and how he is NOT a photographer. Oh, I love him!

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