3 Weeks

Jack Loren is 3 weeks old! We love him so much and can’t imagine our lives without him. 
We went to the doctor this past Friday at a little over 2 1/2 weeks and Jack is healthy and growing! He now weighs 7lbs and 8oz and measuring 20 1/2inches. He eats like a champ! He literally eats, sleeps and poops just like the average baby! He continues to sleep well at night and has started to be more awake at times between feedings and is starting to track you more and move his head towards your voice. 
Jack got his first bottle this past week so we could get out and about more. He did super well! 
We got out and about more this week! We went and visited a friend who had a baby almost two weeks after Jack was born. They orgionally were due two days apart but with me being induced for medical reasons our Jack came early. It’s so crazy seeing him beside another newborn but still weighing less, he is a tiny little peanut! 
We celebrated Seth’s birthday with his parents and Jack has continued having visitors throughout the week. 
We also adventured out to the mall with grandma Wegmiller and Jack did great! We shopped for a swimsuit for the pool this summer. He slept the whole time until he needed changed and fed then he cuddled up in my SollyWrap and we continued shopping. That wrap is the best thing in the world!! We also got out for his two week doctor appointment. Then yesterday got out in the warm weather and sunshine! We went for a walk where three week prior I waddled my way around before being induced. I think I enjoyed this walk a little bit more!! Then we went grocery shopping quick where Jack just continued to sleep! 
We are blessed with such an easy going baby! I say “knock on wood” a lot because we don’t want to jinx ourselves! 
Today at three weeks old we got ourselves back to church. Getting around with a baby is definitely different then before. We have definitely gotten into a good routine. On average we can all get around and ready to go in around two hours. He did so well and slept all through church and got to snuggle with his auntie! After church we went on another walk. We are loving this weather and it’s doing this mama good! 
I still have moments when I can’t believe he is mine. His looks are changing more and we are still trying to decide who he is looking like. But one thing is for sure he is loved far beyond he will ever know! 




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