4 Months

Jack is becoming more and more fun! We love his laugh and huge smile. He loves his play mat but prefers to be sitting on our lap or standing up. He loves holding on to toys and putting them in his mouth. He discovered his toes last week and rolled over for the very first time tonight. Rolling over has been a long time coming as for many weeks he was rolling on his side but couldn’t get much further. 

They always say that the days are long but the years are fast. Personally I have a few really long days but mostly my days feel very short and we are back at our nightly bath that just makes me think that I will never have this day back and it is almost done. Many nights I still rock Jack far after he is already asleep. I never want these moments to end and I never want him to not ever need me. I know those moments will happen but I sure hope he always knows how much I love him and I would do anything on earth for him. He’s my baby, yet I feel like we hit a whole different milestone with him learning to roll over. 


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