5 Months


I don’t even know where to begin. Being your mom is one of the best things in this world! I never was a morning person before you but waking up to your huge smile and dimpled cheeks is the highlight of my everyday. You have the most kissable cheeks! 

 You’ve changed my life in more ways than one. You’ve taught me how selfless parenting can be, how lonely at times being a stay at home mom can be, how I have the best job in the entire world, how blessed I am that God chose me to be your mama out of all the mamas in the world. You’re growing so fast! Slow down!

5 months! You’re so smily and love to laugh. I can throw you in the air or just tickle your belly and you make my ears sing with the greatest belly laugh I ever did hear. You’ve been fighting sleep like a pro at times and other times you melt in my arms right away and it’s my favorite. In the last week you’ve decided that sleeping through the night is lame and that I guess you missed our nightly dates when I cuddle and feed you all while half asleep. You still love being swaddled and you sleep right next to my bed. I hold on to these moments because I can’t imagine one of these nights being your last. 

You love your toys and exersaucer. You also are very fond of standing up on my lap most of the day. We take lots of walks together and you LOVE water! We’ve been swimming a lot this summer and you splash and kick your legs in the pool. I promise your a soccer player in the making. Your baths are insane as I can hardly control you as you splash and squeal. It’s even worse getting you out of the bath and putting your diaper on, lotion and your pajamas as you are still squealing and kicking and hyper as can be. But you calm down with a few books. A few of your favorite books we read are the pout pout fish, brown bear brown bear, goodnight moon. Sometimes I read really sappy books to you about growing up and it makes me want to hold you longer once you have fallen asleep for the night. 

Sometimes you have a huge pouty lip that turns into a huge cry whenever you get scared. I love that I can comfort you in those moments. Your rolling over more and more everyday. Anything and everything that’s within reach is in your hands and soon in your mouth. You don’t have any sign of teeth but you love to eat anything in sight and slobber galore. 

I wish I could bottle you up right now. I know everyday will only get more fun as you grow but right now I love the stage you are in. I love living everyday just one day at a time. I’m so thankful that I get to spend everyday with you. Your dad is such a great provider for us and I will never let you forget it. 

They say that the days are long but I still haven’t experienced it. I feel like everyday goes so fast and then I’m at the end of the day laying you down only wishing shortly after that I could pick you up and cuddle you. 

Oh Jack, I can’t wait to see who you are in years to come! I love being your mama. I love you so much Jack  Loren! 

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