And Only The Memories Remain

Read it, I dare you. Especially all those soon-to-be-brides. Even those whose Weddings have come and gone. My photographer, friend, posted it and it brought tears to my eyes. Because after all the stress leading up to the wedding day, your photographs and videos will be the only thing you have to look back on, because like it says the flowers will wilt and the tuxes will be returned.

Although, we all know I’m not a photographer, I’m sharing this because to me this is what I want my wedding to be, a day full of celebrating our marriage and celebrating with a room full of people who we love. There will only be this one time in our life when we have everyone important in our lives together in the same place at the same time. How awesome is that? This is why I’m excited to get married, …

21 – College Life

This weekend I made the trip down to see Seth at school. It’s always a great time to get away from life and get to enjoy time with him in his school element. I also enjoy spending time with his friends and listening to all their stories. There’s never a dull moment.

There are times when I question if that’s the path that I should have taken, and there’s just the littlest part of me that said it would have been so awesome to spend the past four years with Seth. But then I remember all the amazing people who have walked into my life aside from IWU. But the people that I have met through Seth are, just like they say, friends you will have for a lifetime. It makes my heart happy knowing that even two hours away we are still able to stay in contact.

So on …

22 – A Place to Call Home

On Saturday we checked off a pretty large task. We searched for a place to call home and it all seemed so surreal. Seth and I on our own. How is that possible? Even though we spent our Saturday touring two apartments it seemed like a dream. One where we toured the places we may soon call home, but just put it in the back of our minds because we are too far away from that. But now as it’s sunk in a bit, it’s real.

This is the real life of the soon to be Douwsma’s. We’ve spend the last few years waiting for this day to come. The day when we never had to say good bye and we could be in a home together. I’ve dreamt of cooking for Seth and doing his laundry for a few years, but now it’s here, it’s real. Although it seems …

23 – Check Marks

I went to bed on Friday night in a panic that I forgot to post. But I’m sure you will forgive me. I’m still working my New Years resolution of blogging more.

With twenty-three weeks to go til Our wedding day we’ve been busy selecting decor ideas, selecting tuxes, writing letters to our bridal party and the search to find a place to live.

Finally after years of dreaming of the place where I’d call home, the time is becoming more near and it’s feeling a bit more real. I always thought I’d be in a big city and that I’d come back and visit for holidays. I’d work until Seth finished school and then run away together and start a life together, but after praying about our future we may not be skipping so far away after July. This weekend we begin the search to find a place to …


A year ago today I had the surprise of my life.

I had all our family and friends, all fifty-plus of them surrounding us as I told my best friend that I would marry him. I will never be able to tell you his shaky sweet words that he pronounced to me in front of everyone. But I will forever remember that moment when he opened up the kitchen drawer and my jaw dropped, and everyone turned and look at me. I’m sure my face was red as I walked into the kitchen past everyone to stand there and watch him drop to his knee. I never expected this is how it would happen, nor could I think of a better way than to have everyone surrounding us.  {It did save us quite a few phone calls} But the best part of the day is that I now can look …

24 – What Knits Us Together

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but your spouse is not made to be your ‘other half’. God is. While it may seem like you can’t live without them, you can. This may seem harsh but I honestly believe couples need to hear it. You cannot expect your spouse to give you everything you need, because they never will. God still needs to be your life-source, your comforter, your daddy. The moment you place your spouse in a higher position that Christ is the moment you will find endless faults in them because they will never give you the wisdom and love that God will. Your spouse is there to compliment you and aid you on your journey with the Creator of the Universe!”

                         –Beatuifulday Blog

Our life is so much more than each other. We serve a powerful God and have a devil that surrounds us at every second just …

25 – Our Sidekicks

In twenty-five weeks I get to marry the man of my dreams and I will have the most amazing family and friends surrounding me. As I addressed every save-the-date I felt blessed to have you in our lives and to watch as our story begins.

At the end of the day there seems to be a select few that have stood by our side, held us up when we were falling, and was a shoulder to lean on. But most of all, were the ears that heard all about how hard the distance was, listened and took sides when we had a hiccup in our relationship, and cheered us on along the way.

You are the ones that will keep us accountable until our wedding and even when that day is 50 years behind. You’ll look back and laugh at all our fun adventures, the times we laughed until it …