Young, Wild & THREE

At the beginning of February we celebrated our sweet boy turning THREE. Although his birthday is the last day of January I don’t have the heart to ever celebrate his birthday earlier. He loves animals big and small and could hardly wait for his “rawr” party. He’s sweet, kind-hearted, easy-going and has a good sense of humor. I’ve loved watching his personality shape more and more over the past few months. The funny things he says and the things he picks up and talks about. He’s a mama’s boy but loves doing all the fun boy things with daddy. He’s a lover of monster trucks, legos and trains. Daddy loves playing soccer with him and he has a pretty good darn kick. We love playing outside together. He enjoys taking walks, collecting bugs and frogs, and helping me in the garden. His favorite color is purple he says. He’s a …

Let’s Dive in TWO the Deep Sea!

This weekend we celebrated our little fish! He turned TWO earlier in the week but the night before his birthday sickness struck. Another viral infection right after recovering three weeks ago from one. This fall and winter has been the worst sickness wise for our family. So when he woke up in the middle of the night right before his birthday it crushed my mama heart. I was so upset as we snuggled all day and my plans were switched. But within this week I’ve shown myself grace. I’m a perfectionist. My notebook was filled with lists and ideas for Jack’s party but shortly they all got scaled down a bit. I was so determined to make my own cheesecakes this year but it was too time consuming for taking care of a sick baby. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed and soaked up every single snuggle. But when your …

Two Sweet Years

Jack Loren,

My big boy! I giggled as I typed that because “big” definitely does not describe you. You’re sweet and oh, so petite. You do throw some big tantrums every now and then but we will blame the terrible two’s.

Two. How bittersweet. As I sit here and type this every detail about the day you were born floods my memory. I remember the doctor placing you on my chest and the only worlds I could say through my tears was “he’s so tiny”. Your daddy and I were full of tears over you that day, sweet boy. Our God was so faithful even in some scary moments. But ever since that day you have stuck by my side. You most definitely are a mama’s boy. I won’t lie, I love it, because I know it won’t be much longer.

A year ago as I tucked you into bed …


This morning I sat in a room full of our friends as we went around the room sharing about our year in review. As many may know, Seth and I help lead a small church. In 2013 it was just a room full of strangers but now a group that is so knit together. It makes my heart burst for moments like this morning as we sat and listened to the reflection of each couple for twenty-seventeen. The honest hills and valleys of life. The raw and the real. Sometimes you really need that as social media just stirs around squares of false impressions. Last night we had a heads up that this was on the agenda for this morning. I sat and thought about it last night and as we drove to church this morning. I’ve now had a full twenty-four hours to reflect on twenty-seventeen.

Oh what a …

My Sweet One Year Old

I never would have thought that Jack being a year old would be my favorite age yet. His personality is shining and he loves to walk. His walk sometimes turns almost into a run. I love watching him explore and do things on his own. He loves reading books and putting toys in and out of baskets. He recently started saying “hot” after being around grandma and grandpas fireplace. It sounds more like “haaaaaaaaaT”. He has been sleeping through the night for the most part since his birthday but continues to sleep 12-13 hour stretches and taking 2 hour naps.

Jack loves his new cozy coupe, blowing kisses, giving kisses to many people and toys, talking, eating everything, his stuffed animal doggie, and blowing raspberries.

At his 1 year wellness check up he was 19.8 pounds and 30 inches long. His weight is always in the 21-25% percentile. He is …

Happy Birthday LumberJACK!

This past weekend we celebrated our LumberJACK! What better theme for our little man. I anticipated this party for awhile but also found myself in denial that it meant my baby was turning ONE. I had a lot of fun decorating and preparing everything for his big day. He will never remember it but I sure hope he looks back on pictures and know how much he is loved!

Along with Jack’s first birthday my husband, Seth, was ever so kind to share his birthday celebrating Jack. Seth likes to stay out of the spotlight but I made sure that we had cheesecake (his favorite) and to sing to him, too!

Jack’s party was filled with love and the people who helped us raise this precious baby boy this first year. Our home was full of flannel! We were missing a few loved ones due to vacation conflicts and the …

8 Months

​​​ ​Jack Loren is 8 months! Time is flying by everyday. I feel like the day flies by and I am back to rocking him to bed every night. The instant I lay him down to sleep I want to pick him up and snuggle him and play with him again. I am loving his personality at this stage! 

Jack still isn’t sleeping thru the night. I should have savored those couple of months that he did. What I would give just for a solid nights sleep! But really, waking up in the middle of the night is hard. Most of the time I feel like my eyes are swollen shut as I walk down the hallway, trying to make a straight line. I pick him up and he instantly cuddles me and I’ll feed and rock him. Sometimes I fall back asleep in the chair. Then I lay him …

Living Room Tour

Here’s a tour into my house. I’d love to share more as I finish more of my house. When we purchased our house it was painted in cream contractors paint and it took me a year to find a color that I was completely happy with. Our main level is very open and I wanted a color that worked in every room along with our cream kitchen cabinets. I found the perfect color with help of a friend!

 I dusted and swept so I decided to take you on a small tour. I dust and sweep more frequent than I would like to admit…that’s the clean freak in me. So here we go…

Living Room Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore found at ACE Hardware. We went with the top of the line paint brand that Valspar carries because our main floor is well traveled and I plan on never …

Magnolia Market

We had a fun day in Waco, TX! The Magnolia Market was AWESOME!!! The open yard to play outside, eat or eat at the bakery. And of course shop!! It was 99 degrees today and super toasty! Half of the Market was air conditioned but the other half was quite toasty!! 

I found some goodies and some that were far too big or heavy for my suitcase, sigh! But I am excited about the ones that I have found. Oh, and we saw Jojo’s mom! 

We then shopped and ate lunch at the Olive Branch and followed with coffee at Common Grounds! They were filmed on Fixer Upper. 

Enjoy my pictures but get yourself there!! 

7 Months

7 months have flown by and my baby doesn’t feel so tiny anymore. We have phased more and more out of the “baby” stages as Jack is wanting to be more independent. I can’t recall the last time I swaddled him or the last time he laid on the floor playing on his floor mat. Everyday is a new adventure as he grows and becomes his own person. 

I’m loving the stage that he is in right now. He loves to sit on the floor and play with his blocks and stacking rings. Jack still loves his toys that make noise and his books. He’s more hands on and wants to crawl so bad to everything he sees. Yesterday Seth caught him trying to pull himself up to his toy box and was throwing a few toys on to the floor. Earlier in the week I was sweeping his room …