God Provides – even when we can’t wrap our minds around it

Earlier this week I was on my way to work listening to Spotify in Seth’s little red Ranger. Nothing out of the normal. Just me, myself and I listening to Oceans by Hillsong on repeat, along with When You Walk Into The Room by Bryan and Katie Torwelt. {This is one of my new favorites after singing it in connection at NMC last week} I probably listened to the combined songs about twenty times on my drive to work and back home. But that’s beside the point. As I passed a semi on the bypass on the sunny day it was as if God was literally smacking me in the face and speaking to me. On the back of the semi read the most simple words in the world. God Provides. It was there completely out in the open, clear as day. I literally had the biggest smile on my …

Douwsma Decor

Today marks 6 months married to my man! I remember when it was this time last year being 6 months til the wedding, everything was coming together, yet it felt like it was forever away!

This was the first year of holidays. Decorating my home and celebrating it as newlyweds. So here’s a little insider on what happened around the holidays at the Douwsma’s!


Then I had to start the process of taking down all the Christmas decor and dragging our tree to the curb. We decided we will most likely never own a fake Christmas tree, a fresh tree was where it’s at! Plus, any of you newlyweds, or soon-to-be’s looking for a tradition…this was the perfect start to so many more Christmases to come!

Then, I put my new sewing machine I received for Christmas to some use! Ask my husband, I’ve been crafting it up! I …

A Year of Transitions

If I can begin using any word to describe my 2013 it would have to be transition.

I’ve felt like the past 365 days were a work of transition, yet everything has fit so beautifully together. It was designed this way before I even had it all planned out. This year was full of the most exciting moments. The ones that we will never go through again.

This year was crazy busy and we survived it!

In January I traveled with my best friend Sarah to Florida – we attended eight weddings this year – I took my last family trip to Destin, Florida, as a single lady – I had three wedding showers of my own followed by three of my best friends – the Wegmiller’s got a new puppy, Wyatt – Seth Graduated – Taylor Graduated – Open House for Taylor – my best friend Brittany surprised me …


Priority:   n. pl. pri·or·i·ties

1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency. 2. a. An established right to precedence. b. An authoritative rating that establishes such precedence. 3. A preceding or coming earlier in time. 4. Something afforded or deserving prior attention. Ever get your priorities out of line? Yeah, me too. I find myself at times worrying about things that have no purpose or times when something I am worrying so much is out of my hand and I should have my priorities else where, one step ahead from where I’m at. I’m guilty at times. I’m guilty with my priories with God. I’m guilty of forgetting that my Faith is my everything, and that he already knows his plans for me. {Jeremiah 29:11} When in the grand scheme of things my priority is my Faith. How often do I fight for it? How often do I…

My Dear Friend Brittany

Around a month ago I received the best news in the world, my best friend had her baby girl! Today I checked my instagram on our way to church and my heart hurt, I teared up, and suddenly my day wasn’t the same. It was a picture of her husband, herself, and baby Rylan. It was adorable as always, yet with the long paragraph it told me today was the day that we were all waiting, yet dreading. Dakota got deployed.

Dakota is in the Army and was deployed today. No one knew this date except for Brittany, a rule by the Army. They knew it all along, yet I prayed everyday it wouldn’t be so soon. But even a year or five years from now would be too soon.

My friend, Brittany, and I met four years ago in beauty school, good old Vogue Beauty School. We were both …