Isaiah 6:8

Can we all just stop for two seconds so I can tell you just how AMAZING our God is! He is AMAZING!!

After posting my blog on Friday night, within an instant I received comments and so many texts! Now I know what you are all up to on a Friday night around 10pm…Facebook!

That’s besides the point. I just want to take a moment to thank you all for your comments, texts, face-to-face conversations, and messages. There is nothing more than hearing exactly what we needed hear from you. Not only that, I know God was speaking through each and everyone of you! Can I just tell you how awesome it was hearing the words “Go” and not thinking I was crazy. The amount of people that we talked to in church today was a blessing, especially from one’s we think highly of! Let alone all your words, but your support, and your willingness to support! All I want to do is just sit here and cry because God is so GOOD!

On our way home from church Seth received a tweet from the communications director, Ashley, from Ndoto – the non-profit in Kenya, Africa. Her tweet simply stated that she had a dream of Seth, myself and Seth’s business partner, Zach along with her in Kenya, followed by the hashtags #nike #justdoit #nopressure. …but she had absolutely no idea that we were going to meet with her this week. All she knew was that we had done a little research and asked her questions about the trip. Seth’s response was to read my blog, and I think she was a little taken back and blown away. Such a God moment!

In the past few days we’ve come to a conclusion that we are about 99% sure of our decision, we just need to meet with Ndoto this week about where we go from here with support letters and the many vaccinations we will need to get here soon. Please let us know if you would like us to send you a support letter email me at …Facebook message me… or text us.

I will never be able to thank you all enough! You know who you are, your words have been a blessing. Yet, God will always take us from our comfort zones. To have a Faith as a Christian, it’s never easy. But God has spoken. And we will follow. I’m excited for this opportunity and to see what this may bring and the way he will move my heart! I just may have to pinch myself just a few times before it feels real.

Here I am. Send me! Isaiah 6:8

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