Living Life Through A Square Picture

Our life here isn’t about living for our status or our square pictures that make life seem so perfect. What if we saw each other how God sees us daily. The messy. The ugly. Life isn’t always beautiful. I guarantee if we saw each other’s mess from time to time our guards would come down and we would laugh because they are just like us. They have bad days and their house is a mess except for the area that they cleaned to show off to the world through a square picture. They may have taken the picture forty times to achieve the perfect shot. Maybe they stood on the countertop or stood upside down to make it perfect. Maybe they updated their status on something that makes you jealous, yet they painted a picture of perfection amongst their pain. It’s so easy to scroll through social media and compare your life to everyone else’s. Everyone does it. I know you do, too. I do. But what if we saw each other how God sees us, even in the mess, He sees our heart. Even when we compare – how hard we are on ourselves and our want for more, when He has given us more than we could ever need.


Because life here in our earthly days isn’t about status or the home you live in or the car you drive. It’s about Jesus. It’s about living this life to be a servant and become more Christ-like. It’s about our eternal home. Where the roads will be paved of gold and we will live in a mansion for eternity. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that perfection even when often our lives feel like a mess. Remember even if you are in a mess today or maybe you are blessed far more than you can imagine, remember how much you are loved. You are so loved. I love you. God loves far more than you could ever fathom.


Live outside your status and outside the square picture. Show your true self and share it outside social media. Even when God’s plan isn’t always your plan, live without comparison to others. Write your own story, because He already knows everyday ahead and He always has big plans for you. You are unique. And we are all made in His image.