Mama said there would be days like this…

Yesterday was interesting to say the least! I’m a “have all my ducks in a row” kinda girl. Motherhood to me is all about being organized and sticking to a good schedule for feedings and sleeping at night and everything goes pretty smoothly. (Roll your eyes mamas…I know it’s not always perfect sticking to a schedule even – not at all claiming to be the “perfect mom”) 

Other than that Jack has been such an easy going baby and is a great sleeper and eater…and pooper! So it was bound to happen when my days would get crazy and I wouldn’t have a second to even eat lunch. 

Here’s a look at our day yesterday all in a nutshell just because I laughed through yesterday and I want to keep these early motherhood memories…enjoy…and laugh with me because I did and had zero frustration. I love this mama gig! 

Woke up and did our morning routine. Went downstairs and let the dogs out. Beckham comes in and shortly starts crying. Look out for Mia…no dog on the end of the chain. Mia runs away. I bawl my eyes out. Seth goes and searches for her. He finds her scared and running away from him after 10-15mins. Mia’s back home. Mean while Jack has spit up on himself. Change Jack. Outfit # 2…time passes… (This next segment happens in a short time period) Change diaper. Pees all over his hair. Hair wash and sponge bath #1. Change into outfit # 3. Jack poops. Change diaper. Poops again. Sponge bath # 2. Change diaper. Eats. Takes a snooze. Trim his nails. Jack spits up. Outfit change # 4. Go out for a few quick errands. Come home and eat dinner while Jack is in his car seat and Seth heads to a Notre Dame basketball game. Jack spits up in his car seat. Change him into pajamas # 5. He eats and falls asleep. I think to myself I should change him one last time….fail…. Change him. Pees all over himself and hair, myself, and the wall. Bath #3 but a real one this time which he hates. Pajamas on #6. Eats and sleeps from 8:45pm – 3:30am. And Seth comes home as I wished he could have been a fly in the wall that past hour as we laugh. 

And let me tell you again. I laughed and loved every second of it! I have a high patience level and Jack has yet to test it so days like this don’t bother me, I just roll with the punches and find the humor in life. You can’t change a thing so why do anything but laugh when the days get crazy! …but hey I did get a shower in that day! 


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