My Best Friend

As I sit on the couch tonight with tears running down my face all I can think about are the good times with my best friend.

The friend that I begged my parents for years to have. But it didn’t happen until I was 10. The day when we went to a breeder and picked out our new puppy. I was so excited to finally have a dog. All my friends had a dog and all I had ever had we’re outside cats and a hamster named hippity.

We brought him home a week later after we went on our annual spring break. It was all new for me, but I knew he would become my best friend. We named him Woody, just like Toy Story.

I enjoyed the times that I could take him for walks and even on roller blades. The moments when he would let me dress him in clothes. He was the dog I’d dreamt of all fluffy and furry. Except for the bark. Anyone who has been to our house knows the bark. The nonstop bark that eventually made him hoarse.

Now tonight my mind is full of those memories. Praying that tonight won’t be the night that we all have to say good bye, yet if it happens he will go peacefully. He lived almost 14 years, filled with so much love. Now I can only pray it’s just like the movies…All Dogs go to Heaven.

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