Not Every Storm Shows Up In The Forecast

We have bad days here-and-there to remind us of all the good days we should be thankful for. The times when good days go unnoticed until a bad day hits and it feels impossible to get back up.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a Instagram post linked to a blog post. I needed to read this devotional and have my heart hear it. Today I went back and reread it again a few more times.


— “Sooner or later we will all have some trouble in life. We all have some trials and some tribulations. Everybody goes through times of testing. And not every storm shows up in the forecast. Some days we can wake up and think everything is going to be great. Before that day is over, we may be tested by all kinds of trouble we were not expecting.

Trouble is part of life, so we simply have to be ready for it. We need to have a planned response to trouble. because it is more difficult to get strong after trouble comes. It is better to be prepared by staying strong.

The first thing you need to do when trouble comes is pray, “God help me stay emotionally stable.” Do not let your emotions overwhelm you. The next thing you need to do is trust God. The instant that fear rises up, PRAY.

Stay emotionally stable, trust God, and pray. Then while you are waiting for God to answer, simply keep doing good. Keep your commitments. Do not stop serving the Lord just because you have a problem. The greatest time in the world to keep your commitments to God is in the midst of difficulty and adversity. When the devil sees that trials and tribulations won’t stop you, he will stop troubling you for a while.

To be prepared for the next time you find yourself in a difficult situation, practice staying, “I am going to be faithful to God, and God is going to give me double for my trouble. Satan, you thought you were going to hurt me, but I am going to get a double blessing, because I am one who diligently seeks the Lord.”” —

-Joyce Meyers 11.17.14


I sat this morning and read every word three times again just like I did last night. I read every word and felt every single word being compared to my trials and tribulations at the moment. I felt the Lord pressing on my heart and telling me I was emotionally unstable in situations when I needed to be stronger and be lead by Him instead of my emotions, which were satan’s. The past few months my husband and I have rode a roller coaster. And in a matter of months and especially the past two weeks I’ve been an emotional person and it has taken my anxiety to new levels. It’s made me not who I am supposed to be and who God designed me to be. Satan took my bubbly happy personality into being someone who was anxious and my heart hurt non-stop, and really it made me into this person that just wants to move away and have a fresh start. This being after we searched and found that “perfect home”, back in my hometown. Satan knew how to overwhelm me and knew how to steal my joy. The Lord knew I was hurt and he watched as I prayed in the storms lately, when we made large decisions. Even seeing His faithfulness I chose to ignore Him and weep to Him only when I was desperate, not when I should have been thankful for His faithfulness and for his future plans. The times when it didn’t make sense but I just wanted to grieve and feel bad for myself because it didn’t go the way we had expected. He knows our future and he knows the outcome – the reward of double blessings.

I was not prepared for trouble. Normally no one is. But as more and more piled up on my plate these past few weeks I was desperate for a healing. I was desperate to be at peace. To not be sick to my stomach after all the emotions that I now can see satan pulled me through. He knew my heart couldn’t handle it, my guilt,worries, and selfishness. Satan had to pull me through more and more, it felt good on his behalf to create more of an emotional person out of me. Sometimes I forget how real satan is and how he is looking foreword to every good in my life so he can tweak it when my wall of Faith isn’t built up so tall in a season of my life. When I least expect it satan is waiting for me to stumble and create an emotional mess out of me.

So today as I read through every word God pressed on Joyce Meyer’s heart and through her I knew it was God speaking directly to me. And I hope in someway He is speaking to you also.

After praying this morning I’ve finally felt at peace. He has written my story, it is His, even when I am not understanding, it’s all His within me.


Set a fire down in my soul – that I can’t contain and I can’t control – I want more of you God – I want more of you God