One More Day

It’s hard to believe that just four years ago we were so super giddy to be graduating high school and planning our open houses. Yet, today I’m totally blown away that time has flown by and tomorrow is your last day of school, and now I’m so excited for you to be done and we are planning a wedding. It’s also amazes me just how much we have changed in four years. How I’ve almost been done with school three years and started my own business. How much my hair has grown since you went to school and I chopped it all off on a whim. Or how I said I would never get a dog until we had a house and how we failed that miserably, yet I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Life has been so fun with you these past four years, I can’t wait to see what the rest has in store for us!


























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I’m completely bittersweet about the whole situation. I’ll admit that yes, it makes me sad that you’re done. I’ve only waited what felt like my whole life for you to be done, but in reality where did that time really go? I remember every detail from when you left and I spent my whole day crying in church through lunch, and when we drove down to school , then you completely lost it with me. That was the first time I saw you cry, besides when your ankle was flopped over on the soccer field before they rushed you to the ER but that doesn’t count at all. I remember all the sweet hugs i received when i got home, or the sweetest phone call from two year old Drew Patterson telling me he loved me. i wouldn’t have made it without the support i had back home.Then time flew by I can hardly remember you’re sophomore or junior year.

Then came this fall. I tried so hard to take every moment in, this was the first year that I dropped you off to school and I didn’t shed a tear. I was so excited for you to go to Colorado and run your last 5in7. I loved sitting in the rain, sun, and fog this season traveling you everywhere. I tried so hard to soak in the time when I would watch you in your jersey. I made sure everyone that is important in your life made it to at least one of your soccer games in four years, and I think I’ll pat myself on the back…I accomplished that one! But my heart broke for you when your undefeated season came to an end, I can still picture you near the centerline on your knee completely appalled that your season was over by an overtime game. But I think you had an amazing season to end your soccer career at IWU.

As you spend your last day going to classes and taking your finals, think about how much you’ve accomplished and how proud I am of you! We’ve made it through four years of distance, even when there were times when all we wanted to do was give up, but we never let that happen, we are both quick to forgive. I’ll never miss the goodbyes and the times when I left your house and watched your truck drive the opposite way of me, or the times when I stood on my porch and watched you drive away. But even when we went weeks with out seeing you, I think you’d agree it made our relationship stronger and it was always the best thing to hug you after missing you for weeks. But the weekends, and sometimes the not even twenty-four hours you weren’t even home went by so fast. But after Saturday we will never have to do this again, and in eighty days I will never had to watch you leave me. You’ll be stuck with me, aren’t you so excited?! I know it was always hard getting the slack of coming home to see me on some weekends, but I hope I was always worth it. I always loved coming down and seeing you in your element at IWU. I loved hanging out with all your friends and just hearing all the interesting conversations a bunch of guys have. But I also loved even more all the close relationships I’ve formed with all the girls I’ve met. They say you make your friends you keep the rest of your life from college, and I truly believe that’s the case!

So here’s to why I’m completely bittersweet. I’ve thought about it the past few months as time narrowed down and you’d be graduating. I saw someone on twitter with Micah’s jersey on and that made me completely lose it. I never have thought that I will have to watch someone else wearing your jersey. Because soccer has been my life for the past eight years with you. I’ve been there in the stands at just about every game watching you play, but now I’ll have you beside me this coming fall. I can’t believe this chapter is ending, I can’t believe you have to say good bye to your friendships and now see them at distance in return. I feel like I’m taking you from those friendships and taking you from the college lifestyle that you love. But then I remember that you have to graduate, you have to leave. It’s not me making you leave, so why should I feel bad.

I’ve only waited four years for you to end this chapter of your life. I can’t wait to start this next chapter with you! We have the most exciting next eighty days ahead of us. I can’t wait to celebrate it with all our family and friends. I can’t wait to celebrate with all your college friends and watch them all let loose on the dance floor and make me laugh like they do whenever any other IWU soccer guy get married. Also, as I watch our Grantham family post wedding dances these past few days, and hopefully they will let married people on their ski trip…if it ever snows. I can’t wait for the next few months and to head to Punta Cana with you, it’s all just a dream to me.

I am so proud of you! You’ve accomplished one big life goal, Seth! I’m so proud at the fact you’re graduating and picking up your own business from the start. Not many people can do that and that’s why it makes it that much more worth celebrating. I cant wait to move you out on Friday and watch you play in this alumni game. That again makes me so proud of you! I look forward to watching you walk across that stage on Saturday.

I’ve had a blast watching you around your friends and hearing all your college stories. I’ve watched your heart grow for your friends and watched you Faith shine through you. You make me so proud, and have challenged me along the way. Sometimes I wish I had this experience with you, but then I remember that God put us where we were for a reason.

You are my best friend, Seth! Indiana Wesleyan was the best thing that happened to us and especially to you. So happy last night of studying and scrambling to finish a project, or staying up late. Although your life may be full of finishing up projects the rest of your life it’s important that you are doing what you love. I believe that with your skills and values you will be so successful! I can’t wait to watch you and see where life leads us, I know God has big plans for us, Seth, I can feel it.

I’m so proud of you! Thank you for always sticking with me and getting this degree for my future also. I can’t wait to see you Friday and give you the biggest hug ever!! You are the best guy a girl could ever ask for and I’m so blessed that the Lord placed you in my life! You’re the best and I will always be cheering you on for the rest of your life!

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