Radical – (1) Someone Worth Losing It All For

Yesterday I began my start to dig into Radical by David Platt for the second attempt. The first time was a page scanning a year ago after I was told by someone that it challenged the way they looked at their Faith. I got a fourth of the way through until I then loaned it out to one of Seth’s friends and it was never returned!

So I went to lunch and shopping with a dear friend yesterday and walked my way through Barnes and Noble as she stood in the wedding section looking up ideas. So I found myself back looking for a new Karen Kingsbury book, until I scanned the section and found this. Radical. I picked it up. And a bought it. But in the back of my mind knowing my husband would say “I could find that on the Internet for cheaper”… I’m not an online shopper, I like my items in my hand when I purchase them. So I splurged with my early birthday money.

Last night I laid in bed reading and digging deep, highlighting and taking notes. It opened my eyes in a whole new way from reading it for the second time. But I began the first chapter.

Chapter one.

Someone worth losing everything for.

Just after reading that first sentence I knew I’d be challenged, just from the way society lives today. Materialism is how America is ran. Who has the best first day of school outfit, who drives the best car, what kind of house do you live in, how much money you make, and most importantly family and friends.

While we go about our everyday lives there are people all around the world wanting exactly what we have. What we never even notice what we have. The freedom to serve an amazing God and let everyone know. While many are following Jesus in secret, knowing they at anytime could lose their lives just for him. All for Jesus. Could you say that you could drop everything right now for Jesus. Even your family, your children, your husband or wife. Could you?

Americans as a whole sub-stains a normal routine, but we never once have to risk our lives for our normal Sunday routine. Never once in my travel to church, during church or throughout me leaving church do I have to worry that I would have to die right there for my Faith. Never.

As we also remain comfortable with our Faith. We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves when the central message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves. When following Christ you abandon everything – your needs, your desires, even your family. You give up everything knowing you choose him over anything in this world for a promise of a heavenly treasure. Just like when Jesus told his followers in Luke 9, that they must leave without telling their family a goodbye, have a possibility to live poor and homeless, and never turn back around to bury his dead father. Could you do this? Honestly this challenged me. Would I be able to tell Jesus that I will follow him whenever he will go, yet have him tell me that I can never turn around and tell Seth where I am going or tell him goodbye.

Today’s society is starting to redefine Christianity. We are giving into the dangerous temptations to take the Jesus of the bible and twist him into a version of Jesus we are more comfortable with. Are we not? We transform in our minds what we want our Jesus to be like, instead of who he is, because he has never changed. We are molding Jesus into our image. In times of singing and lifting up our hand to worship, we may be in return worshiping ourselves.

I want to be risking it all for him.

Commit to believe: Many say “let me hear what you have to say, and then I will decide whether or not I like it” . When in return you have to say YES to the words of Jesus before you ever even hear them.

Commit to obey: Ask what Jesus is saying and ask Him what you should do?

Meaning is found in community and our life is found in giving ourselves for the sake of others in the church, among the lists and among the poor. Risk equals reward.

Are you willing to risk everything for Jesus?

As I take this Radical journey I pray that God opens my heart. In the world that needs desperate help I pray that I grow closer to my Jesus in knowing He is my everything. He is my key to my heavenly treasure. My key to saying He is my all and there is nothing to look back on, but instead move forward with Jesus. It’s a challenge to think that in this world I will be taken by myself, and I have to rely on my own faith, not just the faith I share with my husband. I see this book challenging my thinking, I pray it does.

Because My Jesus is worth risking everything for.

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