That Thing I Do…

Moments like today make my whole career worth while, even on the days when I question it the most. After doing a new client she was not out the door but a few minutes after cutting and coloring her I got a phone call from her and I always expect the worst, it’s my nightmare although its never happened. Just imagining that she hated it or wanted something fixed. But she began to tell me that she just had to call me because she loved her hair so much and can’t wait to come back. I was truly taken back after a week that was sparse (which happens every now and then) ending with a week almost booked solid. My God never ceases to amaze me and remind me that he will always provide even when it seems impossible at times and the stress of the real world is coming soon. So this is to all my AMAZING clients, thank you for always putting your trust in me, and after you’ve sat in my chair a few times I feel like I’ve gained a life-long friend. And yes, you all are the reason why I will be sticking it out in good ole Nappanee until God has bigger plans for me ahead. I wish you all truly knew how much I appreciate your business and how much I look forward to seeing you after seeing your name on my books and the conversations we have. I can honestly say I leave work daily thankful for the people God has brought into my life; just by doing something I love, challenging me, and just allowing me to truly love my job. Because we all know sometimes that’s just rare. So thanks for allowing me to make each and everyone of you absolutely beautiful! I love the smiles I get after someone feels good about themselves, the pictures I see you post of your new haircut. It makes my job worth it, every single day.

With Love, Jillian Lane

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