Two Weeks in Africa

By starting to tell you how completely blessed both Seth and I have been during this processing of preparing for Africa would be an understatement.

Seth and I made our final decision to go to Africa a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve felt God telling me I’ve made the right decision. He has over whelmed us in many ways. But I’m sure I have friends who are tired of me telling the story of how we all got connected to Ndoto. I love having my clients bring it up to me and ask me questions I sometimes have no answer for. But God always asks us to live uncomfortably for Him. I don’t believe any Christian can say they have a comfortable Faith. God asks you to befriend someone you may not want to, or put on your heart to do a good deed, God may also ask you to give large amounts for His Kingdom when you have barely enough to scrape. God is always Faithful in His timing and ways. He is always rewarding. In these past few weeks I’ve been so grateful for the words He has given both Seth and I through family and friends, or even people we hardly know. There have been moments that make me just want to melt and sob because God is so good.

My journey of Faith is new everyday, I’m constantly reminding myself that He would never bring up such a sporadic opportunity if it wasn’t for me. Especially for me to see more of His amazing world and my brothers and sisters! He will protect me and provide for us while we are there. We are so thankful for the Ndoto staff so far in making this such an organized process.

We have dates, finally! We will be gone April 9-22. But that doesn’t include the traveling, we will be back the 23rd, out of sorts and 8 hours behind. The trip is around 20-30 hours flying, not including layovers and when we have to stay over night in areas. It will be an awesome thing to travel, but we will see how Seth and Zach do, or how crazy they make me. Because I love to read Karen Kingsbury and I read a whole book on our way home from our honeymoon which was 5 hours, and that was hardly too much sitting for Seth. Lord, help me! Zach, Seth’s business partner, is also going to be going with us now! Which we are all very excited for. I don’t think knows how many people we had asked to pray over his decision. It was hard for him, but I know it was God’s decision.

The Lord works in amazing ways! I’m excited and nervous and unsure all wrapped up in one! Please continue to pray for our trip!

Spirit Lead Me where my Trust is WITHOUT borders~

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