1 Week

Jack Loren is 1 week old and he’s still perfect! 
Jack went to his first doctors appointment on his daddy’s birthday. He was 6 lbs & 5 oz. Jack is starting to be more awake and alert at times. The more he cries or makes faces we can see that he has dimples just like his daddy. He is growing into his features but still not all those newborn clothes. Which I’m fine with, stay little forever! 
He is such a good eater which means we have quite a few diapers to change. He far exceeds the amount of pee/poop diapers he should have each day. With that being said he has also leaked through and peed on a few of our guests! His umbilical cord fell off on day 6 so it’s helped with the leaks to have his diaper higher up. Estimated around 50 diapers changed in the past week with the handy app we use and have been through 2 1/2 packs of wipes. 
Jack has had two baths and really wasn’t a fan of them either time. He prefers to be cozy and stay swaddled. He also loves his mamaroo! We gave him his paci on day 3 and he enjoys it during the night and still feeds super well. 
He has been such a good sleeper also. On the night of day four we started working more on keeping a good schedule. Eating every 2 hours during the day which keeps him full. We lay him down around 11:00pm and he only wakes up 1-2 times just for a diaper change and to eat then he is back to sleep for another 2 1/2 – 3 hours
Jack went and visited his grandpa at his mechanic shop on the way home from the doctor on Thursday. Then yesterday, we headed to Target with a week old to get a gift for his grandma “Nif” who had been staying with us and took the week off to help us get caught up on sleep and kept our house clean, stomachs full and laundry done. Especially the days when Jack would go through about 6 outfits. While we were at Target we ran into our labor nurse. Only 7 days later and they say that you’ll never see the person that watches you at your worst. Well, we saw her and did say hello because she was the best! 
We adventured out to grandma and grandpa’s house for the Super Bowl. Jack slept through the game. He also peed through his only two onesies with footballs on them before the game even started. It’s alright Jack, mama doesn’t like football either! We also took our first walk just around 1 block at my parents house to get some fresh air.
We had a week full of visitors in and out the door and brining us meals and gifts. It’s been wonderful to be able to see everyone who loves Jack as much as we do. 
Jack met his puppies on Friday and they love each other! Beckham is always by his side especially when he cries he makes sure you know Jack needs you. Mia constantly likes to sniff him and lick his face whenever she has the chance. 
Today on day 8 we are soaking in a day to ourselves with no visitors. We love our visitors but I also love spending the whole day snuggling my baby boy! 
Hours old  1.31.16

7 days old  2.7.16


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