13…12…11 Bittersweet Moments

Where do I begin? I’ve been slacking on these wedding posts, yet I’ve been busy.

I’m sure most of you know that Seth graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University this past Saturday. I drove down Friday to watch Seth play in the alumni soccer game, and may I add it was the most beautiful weather to sit in. I enjoyed a fun time at Steak N Shake with close friends and laughed a lot after. I drove back home two hours that night, just to sleep six hours then leave at seven in the morning to head back the exact same direction to IWU. We made it to IWU on Saturday morning for his ten o’clock ceremony. We found our spots and I sat there for the next three hours with the most surreal feeling. It was all so bittersweet and there was a moment when I just took it all in and teared up. Then it came to the time when Seth walked across that stage and everything in me was just overwhelmed with happiness. It’s been a long road coming and he was finally done with school!

After the ceremony we went outside to take pictures, and the part I hated…for Seth to say good bye to his friends. I hate it. I absolutely hate good byes. If I could take all my family and friends and live in the same town, that’d be wonderful, right? Well that’s how Seth’s lived the last four years, with all his best friends. But you know what I hated most? I hated going back to Seth’s town house one last time to pack up all his things, and he picked up a note from his roommate. It made me want to just tell Seth he can go back next year and live with Geoff. It also made me proud that my man has made such a heartfelt impression on so many lives at IWU. It made me tear up once again and so thankful that Seth’s paths crossed with all the people that it has. Then we drove and said one last heart felt good bye to another friend, and what in the world did he have? Another heart felt letter! These people were killing me! Then we drove off the campus for the last time in a few months, the last time Seth attending, and the last time we will ever have that awesome feeling.

We drove to Warsaw and enjoyed a very nice dinner from Seth’s parents at the Boat House. Then we drove home. And unpacked. And unpacked. And unpacked. Until Seth’s room, office, and loft were completely full of college stuff, house stuff, and wedding gifts. We started a bit on it all, worked on it last night, and lets just say we need a really big house and its going to take some time to organize it all! Seth drove me home Saturday night and it was such a great feeling knowing he was home for good, and that in 75 days we wouldn’t even be having to say good bye anymore. Then guess what he handed me….a letter! Literally Saturday was the most bittersweet day of my life. Seth left and I sat there and read every heart felt word in that letter and balled my eyes out. It was all so sweet, every thank you and every word about the future.

Yesterday we drove around Mishawaka returning doubles of wedding gifts, or things we’ve gotten in the past. I must say we did really well and got some very nice things we needed and only ended up spending $6 of our own money. We are so ready to get married and start living together and using all our nifty stuff! That’s a satisfying feeling if you ask me! Then we headed to Logan’s with my family and Seth’s new business partner and best friend, Zach. We enjoyed some laughs and then grabbed ice cream and headed back to Seth’s where I spent the night organizing while the boys worked on projects.

Speaking of business partner. Can I just tell you how proud I am of Seth! On Friday, he also signed all his papers for his business, Eden Creative, LLC. He is a business owner, just one day before graduation!! I don’t think a lot of those graduates walked across the stage owning a business.

So that’s my busy busy weekend, now it’s back to reality! I spend half my week last week down in the couch with the stomach flu. But now I’m up and going. We have so much to get going for our wedding! This Friday will be ten weeks, which kind of, really, makes me panic! Recently we selected flowers and next week I get my dress fitted. So bring on that wedding bliss! But in a side note, I’m still completely freaking out and praying that an apartment opens up. Everything we have looked into are completely to the max full. Seth tells me to keep my faith, and this only means it will be the most perfect place for us from patiently waiting. I’ll keep my faith, continue to pray, and thanking my God for blessing me with such a great weekend!













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