14 Back to Reality

I spent my past week in paradise. I laid by the pool, spent time on the Gulf and enjoyed the time I had with family and friends. It was a much needed vacation and time to get away. We left Destin, Friday afternoon and my mom told me “tell Florida goodbye because never know when you will see it again”. It’s true, my single life is almost over, and I spent my last family vacation celebrating Taylor’s senior years, and it’s hard believing we celebrated on that very beach four years ago. Time has flow by for sure.

Now I’m back to reality and spent my day at a class for work yesterday and then worked late. Nothing like being pulled back in to the real world when you’re still on vacation mode and forget what day it is. But here’s to all the wedding planning ahead, IWU graduation in eighteen days, and getting married in ninety-four days. Time is moving faster than I can even grasp. I’ve been told that it would but I never believed it.





































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