16 & 17 – Bridal Shower Bliss

Last Sunday afternoon Seth and I had our first themed kitchen bridal shower. I was surrounded by all of Seth’s family and close friends, my close family, and my bridesmaids. Seth’s sister, Abbey, did an amazing job making the bridal shower so personable to me with my kitchen decor colors, and all of my favorite foods. I was so taken back at everyone’s selflessness, kind, and thoughtful gifts. We had so much fun opening up all of our wonderful gifts, then taking them back to Seth’s and looking at them all again, making a huge stack and shutting the door behind us, then Seth had to returned back to school. Someday soon we will be able to organize all of our neat gadgets into a home soon! I just cant wait to begin using all of our fun stuff and cooking for Seth!

Thank you to all of you that joined us on Sunday! We are so appreciative of your gifts and we can’t wait to celebrate with you on July 12th!

Skip forward to this weekend…We spent our Friday night chilling on the couch dancing and picking out wedding music. I think we have some pretty unique, not heard yet at a wedding, music going on! I’m very excited to meet with our DJ in June, especially after winning ProShowDJ from South Bend, that was a huge blessing! Then today and tonight we pulled out all of our wedding decor and sat and organized it all. I really hope that everyone will look at every detail. I’m sure some will, and also some will never know the amount of time and effort that was put into each piece. But our wedding day is so important to us, and it is also important to us that it is unique and personal to us.

Wedding stuff will be on a break for the next two weeks as I prepare for vacation with my family in Destin, Florida. And also for the week that I have to work late and make up for all the time that I am missing, and of course prepare all my beautiful (& handsome) clients for this tropical vacations also! Why do we scramble the week before vacation to prepare everything, and also work your booty off at work!? Oh yeah, I guess so you will fully take advantage of your time on the beach! I’m ready for the warm weather, ready for the break, and I am definately ready to spend it with a whole group of people who mean the absoulute most to me.

Here are some pictures from our shower Sunday. Enjoy all our facial expressions…because I sure did! {Oh yes, and those super cute blue chairs were my birthday present from Seth this year…he is the best at giving gifts!}

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