6 Months

Right now I’m rocking Jack to sleep. Well he is already asleep but it’s hard to put my baby down. We’re listening to worship music, It Is Well by Kristene Dimarco to be specific. It’s one of Jack and I’s favorites. I used to drive and worship on my long drive to and from work. The sunshine is pouring through his room right now and it makes me want to soak every single moment in right now. I cried today while he napped on my chest earlier. I looked through pictures and videos over the last six months and felt every emotion of his firsts and many of the moments that have also become his last. I have more pictures on my phone than humanly possible and the amount of times my phone says it’s full is embarrassing. But looking through those pictures brought so many emotions. It’s a bittersweet feeling watching your baby accomplish such milestones but at the same time it’s hard. Hard because time is a theif. I feel like I’ve known Jack my whole life and never lived a day without him but at the time the days go by so fast, the week’s even quicker and the months are a blink of the eye. 

We celebrated 6 months with solids. I made some sweet potatoes and they were well enjoyed! His face was priceless and he caught the hang of the spoon right away. He helped me with the spoon and it was messy! 

2 weeks ago Jack started sitting up and it was like he just woke up and decided that was going to be the day. He loves being able to sit and play with all his toys now. 

6 Months

Loves: swimming, exersaucer, walks, to cuddle during naps, sitting in the swing 

Jack can: sit up, eating solids

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