Stating that my life is busy is an understatement. No one even knows that I haven’t even watched but half of the frat episode of The Bachelorette. I bet your jaw dropped. The Bachelorette an Bachelor is my show! Every Monday I’d rush home from work to make tomato soup and grilled cheese and sit with my eyes glued. I still know that the show could be scripted and most of the time it never works out, okay it never works out. But now with it going on five weeks since the premiere I’m pretty much behind.

But this all relates with my life at the moment! Planning our wedding as the weeks keep getting sooner, more things begin to be added to my list as I try to tackle my list! I’ve finally received all my RSVPs back and we made the number we were going for! We’ve been painting decor, making escort cards, meeting with everyone apart of our wedding day, selecting music, selecting cake, selecting food, trying on my dress, getting my bridesmaids fitted, buying bridal party gifts, wedding showers, buying shoes…an the list continues. Times like these make me question and want to hunt down that one person who went all out of their wedding and turned it from in the church basement with a cake to a huge party. Don’t get me wrong but these days as the days tick down I’m just praying I will remember every detail! I know I have a hand full of people to be very thankful for that would drop anything and everything for us and our wedding day! We are blessed!

We are blessed in the aspect of looking at the mountain of gifts sitting in Seth’s house ready to be moves into our home shortly. We are blessed that so many have given up so much time to help us with many wedding projects and on our home. We are blessed by every single RSVP filled with the kindest words and encouragement!

Most of all the most bittersweet moment lately was when my baby brother walked across the stage at NorthWood High School on June 7. He graduated and is now into the real world! I couldn’t be more blessed to call Taylor my brother! I’m so proud of him and happy we will still be living a few miles away in South Bend! I had a blast planning his graduation party in just a few days and pulling it all together! I love party and wedding planning and it may just be a part of my near future!

Lately in the crazy-ness of life we are tackling all our wedding projects and planning to move all our stuff into our soon to be home by next weekend! I can’t wait to finally be able to organize and clean my home and put everything away! …that’s my ocd in me!

So here’s to my busy next few weeks! Although I’m excited to make one of our friends beautiful for her wedding day tomorrow and celebrate after at the Old Bag Factory! I can’t wait to dance with Seth and just to think that will be us in just three more weeks!

My life is crazy and busy, but I love it! This is the best season of my life and I will continue to praise God for all He has given me these past eight years, especially for my best friend!

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