8 Months

Jack Loren is 8 months! Time is flying by everyday. I feel like the day flies by and I am back to rocking him to bed every night. The instant I lay him down to sleep I want to pick him up and snuggle him and play with him again. I am loving his personality at this stage! 

Jack still isn’t sleeping thru the night. I should have savored those couple of months that he did. What I would give just for a solid nights sleep! But really, waking up in the middle of the night is hard. Most of the time I feel like my eyes are swollen shut as I walk down the hallway, trying to make a straight line. I pick him up and he instantly cuddles me and I’ll feed and rock him. Sometimes I fall back asleep in the chair. Then I lay him back down and glide myself down the hallway back into bed. After I’m back to sleep I’ll wake up in a panic looking for Jack because I have no idea how I got back to bed. The weirdest feeling ever. 

Besides not sleeping thru the night Jack is also in a stage of an all mama’s boy when it comes to bedtime. We are pretty routined and scheduled around here if I’m being honest. Around 5pm we begin dinner and I’ll feed Jack a veggie and a little fruit and then we will play for awhile until 6:30pm comes around and then we begin running the bath water. The complete joy that comes from that joy when he knows it’s bath time. He loves the water. He kicks and plays with his toys and the moment it’s over it’s a downhill battle. The tears begin and last throughout putting a diaper on, lotion him up, drying off his hair and putting his pajamas back on. We read stories and that takes away the tears. He eats and falls asleep in an instant! I remember the days when bedtime would be a bit of a battle. 

Jack just started crawling yesterday on October 3. He was so interested in a phone charger plugged into the wall that he just took off. He also loves to stand at the coffee table and slap his little hands on the table and smile and scrunch his nose. 

He recently started waving when we came home from Texas. He now has started to put the two-and-two together and waves at everything. Recently he waved at the weatherman on the tv and then pulled himself up on to the coffee table to stand. I sat him back down and he began to clap. Out of nowhere. He loves to wave and clap. 

Jack loves to eat! His favorites have been bananas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears. He also loves the yogurt melts. And loves drinking water out of his sippy cup. He makes us laugh because when he tries a new food he puckers up and squints his eyes. 

He also loves his puppies and loves to pet them any chance he gets. It now will be fun chasing them as he crawls! 

Full swing of “talking” but still only talking all about his “dada”. He loves his daddy! 

He recently got his first bottom tooth! It’s slowly making its way all the way thru. 

Oh! Jack Loren, how much I absolutely love you!! Your cheeks are so kissable and I adore your smile and belly laugh. You are gaining a fun personality and I love seeing the world thru your eyes! I can’t wait to see who you will be. I wonder somedays what career you will chose. I pray that in whatever you do that you will always be a light for Christ. I hope you always stay close to Jesus and know how much you are loved. I love you so much!! 


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