Africa Safari

Incase you wondered…yes, there were hippos out roaming late last night at our safari resort. We got a knock on our door last night “the hippos are out, come see the hippos”. He also showed us the stick that he uses if he does need to keep them away “I just hit them on the nose”. I had also found a sign in our room that said to keep the windows closed because of the monkeys.

Today is our last full day on the safari. It’s been absolutely beautiful and amazing so far! Definitely uncomfortable and interesting situation at times. We’ve learned to live on Kenya time where everything is “hakuna matata” – no worries! We have also been picking up Swahili a bit too. Our Safari guide has been with us the whole time since picking us up at the airport. His name is Juma. Z has had a lot of fun asking him lots of questions. We also wonder if they use sarcasm because we haven’t heard any yet. We were a little floored that Juma has never heard of The Lion King. Or the fact he has never heard of a lobster. He has also found Z and his gopro to be hilarious!

Our adventure all began on Monday. We left our house at 11:00am and dropped off our dogs, grabbed lunch and headed to the airport. We flew out at 4:10pm and landed in Amsterdam at 7:00am their time.

Although I will tell you I had a slight panic when we scanned our tickets before security. Mine beeped twice and wouldn’t scan and finally she just wrote in it. As many as you know I was ready to go until I realized my passport still said Wegmiller. So my tickets were marked down with my maiden name and I’m traveling one last time as a Wegmiller.

The flight was good, it wasn’t packed so we could spread out and sleep. Although I didn’t get much sleep. I watched a few movies and read a lot. We had a four hour layover in Amsterdam and we grabbed breakfast and hung out. We had to go through security again. Only to see the crowd, since we had wondered why they asked us to be at the gates two hours before. The flight was absolutely packed! We ended up sitting on the plane for two more hours due to engine difficulty. Isn’t that just what you want to hear? Z and I slept while Seth was asked to move in front of us and switch seats with a blind woman for take off since she was by an emergency exit. For all the times he says he is an introvert I sure heard lots of talking! The lady was born in Kenya so they had lots to talk about.

Our flight was good after another long eight hour haul! We landed in Nairobi at 9:00pm. If I could sum up the process of waiting on your visa and getting your luggage and going through customs it’d be unorganization!! By the time we got our visa and luggage we walked through customs so confused and just handed them our paper and walked out to a hundred eyes with signs. I felt like we were being watched by every move we made. We found Juma along with some other guys that later Juma yelled at because they were trying to get our bags for us and take them to the car. At this point we knew we were on our own and it would be uncomfortable at times.

We drove to our hotel for the night and got up yesterday morning and went on a scenic route to our safari resort. We got to see The Great Rift Valley which was breath taking and beautiful. You could see everything! From there we still had a drive and went through all the small stores everyone has set up along with tons of donkeys, sheep, pigs, and cows all tied up for carrying something for them. People are everywhere and at some times we questioned how they even know who’s land is who’s. It’s an out of the box experience filled with culture! We arrived at our resort and walked around being feet from four giraffes and monkeys. We took a boat safari and saw hippos, zebra, water buck, and lots of birds. We got off the boat and Juma asked us if we wanted to stay and look at the cows as Z piped up “nah we have those in America”.

This morning we got up after over sleeping a bit, were all still a little jett lagged. Then we left to the resort we are at now. It’s tucked back wayyy in the national park where we took a short safari on our way in. As Z told us it feels like summer camp here, except way better. We have small little rooms that remind me of the few times I went to Little Eden in Michigan. It’s peaceful and up on a hill and beautiful. Tonight we take another safari and start another safari tomorrow to head to Ndoto.

I think it’s safe to say this experience has been different. It’s definitely relying on God to keep us safe. We are completely relying in and trusting Juma to drive us everywhere even though he is a crazy driver and also pick us up and take us everywhere we need to go. This is our third hotel we have stayed in until we leave for Ndoto. We’re ready to meet all the kids and see our friends we have only met through the phone. Ready to unpack for a few days instead of “back packing Africa” like we have. Also hoarding water bottles like crazy instead of paying for them!

Good Morning, America! I’ll write more later!








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