Baby Bump

For all you baby bump lovers! I absolutely loved being pregnant and had a fairly easy pregnancy until the end when I had to deal with high blood pressure. I got so swollen towards the end because of my high blood pressure. I did have morning sickness towards the beginning and threw up twice. But over all it was easy! I just had food adversions, mainly towards chicken. Jack had the hiccups frequently and still does outside the womb! Hearing his heart beat for the first time or seeing him during an ultrasound was nothing you can describe. It’s amazing that during the 38 weeks he grew inside me that he was this cutie all along! 

12 weeks – 38 weeks of my baby bump



Day before being induced 1.29.16 – headed to get a pedicure and dinner with my mom, mother in law and sister in law

The night that I went in to be induced 1.30.16

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