Back to reality

Well the Douwsma’s are back! … Well kinda… I’m writing this as we’re sitting in the Punta Cana airport with a five hour delay. Apparently when a
Fight attendant is ill, there’s no back up. So I’m sitting here writing this in the ninety some degree weather in the airport like hut as every nationality and language surrounds me. I’m hot and sticky and wanted nothing than to be back home to see my Beckham, and oddly enough to grocery shop for the first time, but that won’t be happening since we’ve been delayed five hours and our flight itself is a little over five and a half hours. But I want nothing more than to be home…or back at the beach with my husband.

Husband…hummm…it’s weird, so weird! Last Saturday morning before our flight Seth called Chase
to tell them “my wife and I are traveling out of the states”. I laughed, historically laughed. It’s something we’ve dreamed about for so long and now it was reality.

Everyone can tell you how weird it is going from dating to married and how it never feels real. Well, they are right. It doesn’t feel real. I just vacationed alone with my best friend for the past week and now were headed home. Our home. To never say goodbye ever again, and when we get home it almost feels like I will be dropping him off at Country Way and I’ll make my way back to my home. But words can’t describe just how that will feel. It’s reality finally and it’s going to be amazing.

But overall after this trip…It’s amazing to think everything I’ve dreamed of for the past eight years or even just the planning since our engagement is behind us.

I can’t even imagine July 12 any other way than it all played out. I couldn’t imagine not having all my best friends around me and all our loving family and friends there to celebrate.

I was so blessed to have my friends surround me all day, but even more to have my friend Brittany fly from Missouri with her baby belly just to spend the day with me and stand by my side. I loved having her home again, even after she surprised me at work a few weeks before. She clammed my nerves at four in the morning when we both couldn’t sleep, or my excuse to have Starbucks that morning…just because the baby girl wanted it!

Words can never describe that day anymore than being a dream and how Seth and I talked about it all week, and how I already want it back.

…now a month later writing and finishing this, it seems like yesterday I was laying in the airport grouchy, tired, and just wanting to be back home.

It’s hard to believe a month has passed!

We ended up flying home that night around 7:45 which landed us into Chicago after midnight. Everyone was grouchy and getting on the shuttle to take us back to the hotel to get out car was like Black Friday. Apparently everyone hadn’t been standing there with us waiting for the shuttle…apparently others had been there way before. But after totally getting my toes ran over we made it back home after 3:00am. Only to find that we had some pay back, and I only knew it turning the knob full of Vaseline. Our bed was covered in paper shreds, our drawers, our closet. Balloons and ping pong balls everywhere. Little army men guarding every space. Salt in our brita pitcher, which I gave to beckham unknowing. The list goes on… But I think our pranks have been called even with Seth’s sister and brother-in-law.

The week continued with meeting our neighbor Art, which has brought is lots if laughs, and to all of those around us. It’s became quite the joke! We’ve had the cops knocking on our door because Seth wasn’t parked at the right spot on our narrow road said the old lady down the road, although the cop didn’t care. We’ve had plumbing issues and Seth’s friends stay with us.

We’ve gotten used to our crazy schedules and still haven’t really found one yet. We’ve made dinners late at night just because of them, too. I’ve worked late nights and Seth’s had soccer two-a-days, only to begin the crazy fall soccer schedule. My best friend got married! Oh hey, and remember that part when I said never saying good bye, yeah I’ve done that, too. I’ve said good bye to my best friend and can’t wait to see him when he gets home tomorrow night. He went back to IWU soccer for work, when I never thought if have to do that ever again around this time! But I’m surviving!

Over all our month has been crazy, busy, unpredictable, always going, always something planned. I’m really looking forward to spending this weekend with Seth, if life allows us! Having a date night with my husband, because I feel like I never see him. Funny how when you think your married it will all change!

My month with Mr. Douwsma has been amazing! Although I regret not getting married the second he walked across the stage to get his diploma. But the time came fast and it’s only going faster! I can’t wait to see what the months and years have to come! If its been anything like this past months its should keep us on our toes. I’m completely blessed to be Mrs. Douwsma! God sure did spoil me on this one, and I think for that I will be spoiled for a lifetime with Seth!

But with that being said I hope to blog more about our married life!

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