Not Every Storm Shows Up In The Forecast

We have bad days here-and-there to remind us of all the good days we should be thankful for. The times when good days go unnoticed until a bad day hits and it feels impossible to get back up.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a Instagram post linked to a blog post. I needed to read this devotional and have my heart hear it. Today I went back and reread it again a few more times.


— “Sooner or later we will all have some trouble in life. We all have some trials and some tribulations. Everybody goes through times of testing. And not every storm shows up in the forecast. Some days we can wake up and think everything is going to be great. Before that day is over, we may be tested by all kinds of trouble we were not expecting.

Trouble is part of life, so we simply …

Power in the Name of Jesus

Every time I hear Hillsong’s “Oceans” I automatically get goosebumps and I sing every word as a prayer. This past Sunday was no different at church.

Singing it took me back to Africa. As I sang I pictured all those sweet faces of the friends we were so blessed to meet. Tears filled my eyes as I sang the lines “Sprit lead me where my trust is without borders” “take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and Faith will be made stronger”. Because God did just that. He took me out of my comfort zone and he showed me what it looked like to worship him in another country. Even when I was sick towards the end. We were blessed in the ways they opened their hearts and shared their testimonies. They love my Jesus just like I do. We were half way around the world and they …

I Feel You Moving In My Life

Ever have that moment when you just feel God’s presence and you are just humbled by his love and direction.

These past (almost) 4 months of marriage have been amazing. Never perfect, nor would I ever want it to be. If your not married yet, please don’t talk up everything you will do together and your daily routine. Because you will then be disappointed and most likely laugh at yourself, because the real world, and marriage is nothing like the movies. I remember dreaming of marriage, being on our own and just being together every. single. day. We would dream of routine. We would dream of having our own space. We would dream that everything would be perfect. We would wake up with a kiss, go on a morning run, skip around the house and smile every moment. I would be the perfect homemaker. Id cook and bake everyday and …

Radical – (1) Someone Worth Losing It All For

Yesterday I began my start to dig into Radical by David Platt for the second attempt. The first time was a page scanning a year ago after I was told by someone that it challenged the way they looked at their Faith. I got a fourth of the way through until I then loaned it out to one of Seth’s friends and it was never returned!

So I went to lunch and shopping with a dear friend yesterday and walked my way through Barnes and Noble as she stood in the wedding section looking up ideas. So I found myself back looking for a new Karen Kingsbury book, until I scanned the section and found this. Radical. I picked it up. And a bought it. But in the back of my mind knowing my husband would say “I could find that on the Internet for cheaper”… I’m not an online …

Come to Jesus Talks

Tuesdays are my days off. My run around with my head chopped off, let’s get everything done kinda day. Although most of the time Tuesday involves never getting out of my sweats and throwing my hair up. But today, I made myself an appointment at the post office in Goshen early this morning. So I got myself dressed for the day, since I am going out with two of my beautiful friends tonight too, so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of make up for today.

While I was at the post office, the worker was a male, probably in his fifties and I wouldn’t consider him to look like a creeper, but he was a little flirty. As he took my picture he was having troubles, and probably tried at least 5 times until he got one that worked. Then after I was done he said now turn …

God, You are in Control













Here’s in update on my Grandma’s breast cancer –

In August, on my 22nd birthday she broke the news to us at lunch that after routine mammogram, she was called back for a second one to get a clearer look.

Since then she has underwent a biopsy which was a wire that was placed in her left breast to use during the surgery at the removal of the lump. Later, the lump was sent away to be read by the pathologist, we then found out that the lump was cancerous and they had also found two cancerous cells somewhere in her lymph nodes.

This was “surgery” three, she was filled with dyes to detect the cancerous cells, then put under so they could remove them under her left underarm. She was told if they had to remove more …