Friends for Life

I’ve grown up in Nappanee all my life and went to an elementary close to my house. I was the girl who was always homesick and always wanted my mom, even when I started first grade. I cried on my first day of first grade when it rolled around to lunch time. I didn’t want to stay for lunch I wanted to go home with my mom and be done for the day, like kindergarten. Until the day I met my best friend, Sarah. From that day out we were inseparable. We would have sleepovers in tents, ride four-wheelers and the lawn mower – because that was super cool, it was like driving a car – we would play in our play houses for endless hours, and she always made it to my dance recitals in the summer.

Seth grew up in Elkhart/Goshen area and attended Elkhart Christian Academy. Seth made a close friend Daniel in grade school. They were inseparable. They would four wheel, play video games, hunt in the woods, and paintball together.

Fast forward a few years. In eighth grade two handsome boys moved from ECA to NorthWood Middle School. Although we can both admit Seth and Daniel went unnoticed for awhile, they were finally noticed around High School.

I met Seth, Sarah met Daniel. The rest is history. The girls grew up as best friends, and so did the boys. We never knew the boys before middle school. Seth and I have been dating going on 8 years and Daniel and Sarah going on 5.

Can anyone else say they have a super cool story like this?

This makes double dates fun, we bring up the past and laugh at our stories. We get together frequently and we have a blast. Last night we tried out Granite City and went and saw Les Miserables. The movie was good, but we laughed on the way home to the fact that we all just sat through a hard core musical.

So that’s our story and i think it’s pretty nifty!

With Love, Jillian Lane



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