Happy Birthday LumberJACK!

This past weekend we celebrated our LumberJACK! What better theme for our little man. I anticipated this party for awhile but also found myself in denial that it meant my baby was turning ONE. I had a lot of fun decorating and preparing everything for his big day. He will never remember it but I sure hope he looks back on pictures and know how much he is loved!

Along with Jack’s first birthday my husband, Seth, was ever so kind to share his birthday celebrating Jack. Seth likes to stay out of the spotlight but I made sure that we had cheesecake (his favorite) and to sing to him, too!

Jack’s party was filled with love and the people who helped us raise this precious baby boy this first year. Our home was full of flannel! We were missing a few loved ones due to vacation conflicts and the horrible flu going around.

theme: LumberJACK
food: walking tacos, baked mac and cheese, veggies and ranch, fruit kabobs, pineapple cheeseball & crackers, s’more puppy chow, cheesecake

I love party planning. One birthday down and many, many more to celebrate! So plaid you came by to check out our party!!


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