Keeping Up with the Douwsma’s

This past little-over-a-month of being marriage has been a complete dream along with a crazy-busy life style. Most of the time we spend our days in Nappanee. But there is not one regret I have for moving to the “big city” of South Bend. I absolutely love being on our own and living life with my best friend. You can dream it up as much as you want as you plan a wedding, but it will truly never be what you ever imagined. I guess I planned a fantasy that we would wake up early, go to work, eat dinner at 5:00, take the dog for a walk, and then get to bed early. It’s funny because on most nights when we get home it’s after 8:30pm and we make dinner, eat around 9:00pm, talk about our day, Seth works, and we go to bed late and drag ourselves out of the bed early for yet another day! Yet, I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for the one I pictured as perfect, because no one has a perfect lifestyle, it’s always unpredictable and sometimes unplanned.

I’ve had fun being a wife to Seth! That for sure is everything I’ve imagined. I loved decorating our home and putting all my two (plus) years of buying and receiving decor into place! You always dream of your space and what colors you’ll choose and hope the outcome flows together. I’ve had fun figuring out my new washer and dryer, I think I’m successful. Seth jokes that he always wears the same things because every-other-day they are back in his drawer. I’ve also been pretty successful at making different meals, although Pinterest kills me because I want to make everything I pin. Our wedding gifts have been fun to use I always think of the person who got us the item. I never knew how fancy gadgets are these days. I was still using my parents wedding gifts at their house. Now my toaster beeps at me and automatically takes my bagel down at the press of a button. My washer tells when when I stuff it too full and sings a song every time I open the lid. I now use a universal remote and feel more techy because of it. Seth makes my life so techy, I can control everything with my phone. But I believe by marrying Seth I was required to take on all this high-tech stuff.

Although I do have some cool gadgets, there are somethings I miss at my parent’s house…the garbage disposal, the dishwasher, the ice maker, a stove that actually makes my food sizzle on the stove top, and mostly the counter space. It’s truly those everyday things that you don’t realize that most starter homes will not have. So I think our next house will have a huge kitchen, and I can bring out half my kitchen that’s being stored in the attic. I also find myself sweeping the house about everyday, I’ve discovered how much of a clean freak I am, I always have been, I love to clean and organize. I’m crazy, I know, but I can’t help it.

So marriage is a blast and always keeping us on our toes even living in the same house. It always felt crazy when we were driving back and fourth to each others homes but I still feel like we are on the go. Seth started coaching soccer at NorthWood. And along with owning his own business from home and working extra hard all the time. I just couldn’t be more proud.

Also, the latest and the greatest at the Douwsma’s is our new baby. Sunday we went and picked up Beck’s baby sis! We fell in love with Mia quick! She is a lover and sleeps all the time, she’s actually brought the playfulness out in Beckham again as he pulls her across the wood floors. She is fully potty trained and came from an amazing breeder in Grand Rapids. We went with Mia, just to keep up with our agreement to keep dog soccer names. So we have pulled the names from David Beckham and Mia Hamm. We love our calm, love able, wrinkly puppies!

So here’s to another crazy-busy week ahead! As Seth has his first soccer game tonight! I move in my baby brother to college on Friday, we head to the IWU soccer game Friday night (woohoo, I’m so excited to watch soccer again) and then ending it off with the Shaw wedding for Micah and Lauren, because who doesn’t love ‘love’ and weddings?! Then we will pick up another week, ending it celebrating my 23rd birthday! I’ve heard that 23 is the best year of your life, but so far 22 hasn’t been too shabby!

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