Let’s Dive in TWO the Deep Sea!

This weekend we celebrated our little fish! He turned TWO earlier in the week but the night before his birthday sickness struck. Another viral infection right after recovering three weeks ago from one. This fall and winter has been the worst sickness wise for our family. So when he woke up in the middle of the night right before his birthday it crushed my mama heart. I was so upset as we snuggled all day and my plans were switched. But within this week I’ve shown myself grace. I’m a perfectionist. My notebook was filled with lists and ideas for Jack’s party but shortly they all got scaled down a bit. I was so determined to make my own cheesecakes this year but it was too time consuming for taking care of a sick baby. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed and soaked up every single snuggle. But when your baby is sick it is the hardest thing on your heart. It came right after my sappy birthday post that I wrote hours before he woke up sick that I said I miss rocking him to sleep.

Saturday came and our boy was celebrated well! Our family gathered around as we dove in TWO the sea.

I had a blast thinking up his birthday. This boy loves fish! I started on our dining room about four weeks ago and have had it complete for a few weeks. So thankful for those days of scrapbooking for all that extra paper, extra craft paper from Christmas gift wrapping and acrylic paint. Which cost me a total of $5, not counting everything I bought beforehand or years ago. It was mainly my time. Lots and lots of time during bedtime and naps. My kitchen was my craft room and it was a tornado. Along with some dollar spot Target finds this fall the dining room was done. The felt board is also letterfolk.

I crafted my sign for the living room weeks before also. Not only was I on a roll with making everything but I wrote out “jump instead of “dive” for – Let’s dive in TWO the sea. Long story short I was going to redo it but it was the last thing on my list when illness hit us. The “waves” on the ceiling came from Amazon. The balloons and poms came from PartyCity. Along with the plates and silverware. The table cloths also, but I cut them myself for the waves. All of my bowls and platters have been Tjmaxx or Home Goods finds over the years.

Food wise we stayed simple. I had larger plans but again, grace. We served taco dip, veggies, fruit, shrimp, cupcakes, cheese-crackers-summer sausage, and cheesecake. Beverage wise I made sweet tea, lemonade-sprite-pineapple punch, and water of course! I invested in mason jars to reuse for glasses last year and found the straws in the dollar spot… for a dollar. Made the fish out of scrapbook paper and got glued them together during naps. Again, cheap but just my time.

With it all being said I love hosting parties! There was a moment this week that I bawled rocking my boy to sleep as I felt so horrible that I couldn’t fix it. I made his small cake but had bigger and better plans for it but about scraped it and threw it in the trash from frustration. I ended up doing what I could with what I could the morning of. I blame lack of sleep, ha. Having a sick baby makes for some long days but the nights are always longer!!

If I had a dollar for every person that told me “man, parties are crazy these days”. They are right but with every comment I probably could have paid for the party. But all-in-all a party is what you make of it. This year I felt stressed and was so thankful for my Mama and sister coming over the night before to help some of my dreams come true. It takes a village to raise a child. But it doesn’t make you a bad Mama if your parties aren’t all done up or crafted out. You’re a great mama because you throw a party that your kiddo will love because you put it together for them! I enjoyed watching Jack’s face every time I made a new fish. It made all my time worth it. We have chose to throw a fun “big” party with family and decor and one small gift. I remember growing up and I can remember every party my mom gave me but I can’t remember a single gift each year that stands out. So that’s my method to my party madness!

Today we woke up up with a whole sick family and two tired parents. We are relaxing and trying to get better. I’m officially ready to kick sickness to the curb FOR GOOD!!! But of all days for the sickness to continue is today… my husbands birthday. Happy Birthday, Seth! We will all celebrate when we are well and the sun is shining again.

You are loved, Jack Loren! Happy fish party…oh, and my brother and sister-in-law got Jack a fish for his birthday! They know him well. But just wait until they have kiddos, have fun with that hamster coming your way! 😉

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