My Sweet One Year Old

I never would have thought that Jack being a year old would be my favorite age yet. His personality is shining and he loves to walk. His walk sometimes turns almost into a run. I love watching him explore and do things on his own. He loves reading books and putting toys in and out of baskets. He recently started saying “hot” after being around grandma and grandpas fireplace. It sounds more like “haaaaaaaaaT”. He has been sleeping through the night for the most part since his birthday but continues to sleep 12-13 hour stretches and taking 2 hour naps.

Jack loves his new cozy coupe, blowing kisses, giving kisses to many people and toys, talking, eating everything, his stuffed animal doggie, and blowing raspberries.

At his 1 year wellness check up he was 19.8 pounds and 30 inches long. His weight is always in the 21-25% percentile. He is still working on cutting his third tooth which has felt like forever. He also loves to eat anything and everything and so those two teeth do the job well. We had our first ouchy this week as his loves walking and carrying things and tripped and his face went straight on to a wooden block that has a sharper corner and there were tears and a tad bit of blood. Nothing makes your mama heart hurt worse than not being able to take some pain from your baby. Now he’s had his first ouchy or many.

I love my sweet boy! God sure knew I needed him in my life. He is the best gift ever.

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