Preparing for Baby Douwsma

I’ve been asked many times if our nursery is done and when I will share pictures. Here’s Baby Douwsma’s room, minus his name that can now be hung above his bed. We are so excited to bring him home and into this space. Seth and I are both very guilty of just going into his room and sitting in his glider. We’ve spent our time in that glider praying, relaxing and working.

A little bit about his room…

Our baby bed was purchased by his Grandma and Grandpa Wegmiller. The glider was a hand-me-down from my cousin that was used by her daughter and it was recovered for Baby Douwsma. The book shelves were hand made by his daddy, which will bring us hours of fun reading all the books everyone has blessed us with! I hand made the triangle quilt. I almost gave up a few times because I’m one to never use a pattern and just “fly by the seat of my pants” so needless to say when some things weren’t lining up correctly I had to take a deep breath and figure it out. I figure it won’t be my only moment within this next year that my patience will be low! Along with my quilt, my grandma surprised me and made him a quilt which left me in tears because you know…hormones. No idea why I cried when I opened it but it was special to me. Along with the quilt made by my grandma, my parents found the quilt that my Grandma Wegmiller made for me as a baby. She is no longer with us so just seeing the three quilts together was a little sentimental to me as I could see full circle why I have a love for sewing and being crafty. Everything else within the room was purchased at some of my favorite places…Target and Hobby Lobby!

All-in-all I just wanted a space that was minimal, clean and cozy. His closet is full of clothes and diapers up to the ceiling, which will be grown out of or gone in no time!

With less than 3 weeks – or more – or less until we meet the love of our life! My heart can’t even fathom what that moment will be like as we have prayed for this baby and prepared for him. He is definitely loved by so many and we pray that he will grow to love Jesus as much as we do and can’t wait to see how we can help prepare him for His Kingdom. It is the greatest gift that God could give me to raise His child. I pray often that I will never forget how much of a gift that this is, even on the hard days. Seth and I compare baby pictures and try and imagine what he will look like or what sports he will play.

In these next few days without him we will never know this life ever again, yet we won’t know how we ever lived without him. I’m ready for my heart to explode in so many ways that I never knew possible. Most of all I can’t wait to watch Seth hold him for the first time. My cup runneth over at the thought of all the goodness that The Lord as blessed us with.

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