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I can now count on one hand the number of days until we make the 20 hour journey over to Africa.

A year ago I was prepping for a wedding and counting down the days til Seth graduated. We couldn’t wait for July 12. I was also excited about Destin, Florida, and spending time with my family and friends. Little did I know what a year would bring.

This week I’m preparing for Africa. Something I would have never saw coming last year at this time. If you told me this last year I probably would have laughed and said okay, whatever you think! But the truth is the year flew by. A lot can happen in 365 days. Ever wonder what next year will bring? What will your life be like 365 days from now? Hum.

Seth and I are more than blessed than to be given the opportunity of this trip. It is clearly God placing this in front of our faces and we chose to follow this opportunity. I can’t wait to see why He chose us, or why Africa?

Many of you know us personally, and some of you may just know of us. I’ll give you a little short insider on how this trip came about if you are just now reading.

Seth and his best friend, Zach, started their own business, Eden Creative, in April of 2013. Seth and Zach had always had a desire to work together, along with that Seth had always wanted to start his own business. Ever since I’ve known Seth this has been his dream, he wanted to work on computers. When Seth and I began our marriage we knew it would be tough at first since we are both self-employed. But we also knew God would always provide. Eden Creative has far surpassed our expectations for the first year of business. Like I said before never-in-a million-years did I see us heading to Africa. I wish I could simply put into words how amazing God’s timing is with Eden Creative. You may or may not know that the world is a small place, and that everyone knows everyone. Or maybe that’s just because I grew up in a small bubble world of a town. But the way God leads every new client into the hands of Eden simply leaves me in awe at times.

Ndoto came to Seth this past fall after one of the communication directors we have been working with simply asked her Facebook friends if they knew of a webpage designer. Ashley, the communication director lives in Texas. She got he referral from someone who went to Indiana Wesleyan and played volleyball, who is from Texas also. From there the process began. Seth and Zach put it out there that seeing the work they do in Africa would be awesome. But little did they ever think that would probably happen. Or ha, nor this soon!

About two months ago we booked our plane tickets and it was official.

Since then Seth has launched the Ndoto website this week. You can see it HERE

I’d like to say that I helped a bit on this project. I entered in some of the children on the page. I read their bio’s and it left me humbled that in a few short days I will be looking into their eyes and hugging them. I have blogged before and said that I have had a strong heart for non-profits the past few years. I can’t wait for this opportunity to see my brothers and sisters in Christ across the world. I had tears for the children who are orphans. My heart hurt for the stories that I read. But as I filled out all these bio’s I read every child’s dream. Ndoto means “Dream” in swihili. These kids have dreams for a future job. They receive an education through support. Support comes from the families who support them through a website, and the website that was made by Eden Creative.

Read more on the website: http://ndoto.org/

Going to Africa a few months ago was like I was saying it without the thought that it would ever come. I had a friend tell me that along this journey the devil will be trying to pull me down and place a million excuses in my mind making me not go. Since then she has been right. I haven’t come out and said this out loud, but I have had the thoughts and prayed about it. Many times I thought; Why am I going? I could be going to Florida instead. I’m leaving for two weeks when in return we are taking time away from our jobs. My clients won’t be understanding. I am paying two weeks of booth rent at work to go on a trip. We will never get this trip supported. I’ve had constant thoughts run though my head knowing the devil was trying to break me down and take me away from something God was calling us to do. 

If I can say anything about this trip already it would be saying we are blessed. We are beyond thankful for our friends and family who have supported us financially and have been praying for us, and continue to do so. I was blown away by the support, our trip ended up being a bit more expensive than we had first sent out in our support letters. But God provided and we far surpassed our goal, and we will be able to buy supplies for the kids with the extra we have received. God showed us through our newly small church friends who supported us for half our trip. These are friends who have known us less than 5 months at the point they sent the check to Ndoto. You can’t tell me God isn’t amazing!

Although this trip has opened me eyes in more than one way. They say you always see your friends in the good times and bad, but I have truly seen God pour into me the people who have supported us in more ways than one. I’ve learned to let go and let God work. Let Him support us. Let Him provide for us in our businesses as we prepare to leave, also leaving monthly expenses waiting for us when we get back. Leave my clients behind who have been excited for us and supporting us, especially understanding. I tend to worry in situations that I can’t control, but I have felt nothing more than to go to Africa. Two weeks will fly by and probably won’t feel like long enough.

Thank you for your continued support, we have been blown away by your prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we will be leaving out of Chicago around 4:00pm on Monday afternoon. I can’t wait to blog soon, hopefully when we are there, but especially be prepared for them to be filled with pictures of the biggest smiles you have ever seen! Thanks again, we love you!!!


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