Two Sweet Years

Jack Loren,

My big boy! I giggled as I typed that because “big” definitely does not describe you. You’re sweet and oh, so petite. You do throw some big tantrums every now and then but we will blame the terrible two’s.

Two. How bittersweet. As I sit here and type this every detail about the day you were born floods my memory. I remember the doctor placing you on my chest and the only worlds I could say through my tears was “he’s so tiny”. Your daddy and I were full of tears over you that day, sweet boy. Our God was so faithful even in some scary moments. But ever since that day you have stuck by my side. You most definitely are a mama’s boy. I won’t lie, I love it, because I know it won’t be much longer.

A year ago as I tucked you into bed I was left with every emotion. You had been struggling with getting yourself to sleep. We tried for months on end but in the end all that could clam you was getting rocked to sleep. For months on end from 5 months to 12 you didn’t sleep through the night. You weren’t a huge nap taker either. But that night before you turned one was like the stars aligned. Ever since you’ve been putting yourself to sleep, sleeping through the night and napping like a pro. We joke that if you don’t get 12-14 hours of sleep a night that you’re a grouch, it’s true! You sleep from 7:30pm until 9:00am. You take great naps also. But if I could go back to a year ago I would. As much as I dreamed of the day that you would sleep through the night and not want to be rocked to sleep. Here I am. Every night I sing Jesus Loves Me and that’s as much cuddling as you’ll take before you want to be in your bed. And every night I check on you before I go to bed and I watch you sleep. It takes everything in me not to scoop you up and cuddle you. Oh, my heart! It is so very bittersweet. You’ve grown so fast.

If I could stop time I would. Everyday is so fun with you. Your personality is growing and your innocence shines. I’m not sure I remember what my world was like without you in it. You definitely make your daddy and I’s world brighter. We love you so much, sweet boy!

Here are a few things I never want to forget…You are my cuddle bug. You give the best hugs around with a big squeeze and little pats on the back. You are a talker. You have a love for trucks – I promise you can hear the garbage truck from a mile away, You love trains and fish. You love playing hide-and-seek, You have the best belly laugh my ears have ever heard. Your dimpled cheeks stop my heart. You will probably go to college with your paci, 10 blankets and your “woof woof”. You love to color and read books. You love Friday nights of pizza on the floor and a movie. You have such a fun imagination. You love the outdoors and a good walk with your mower. You love your sleep. You are such a mama’s boy. You love bubbles and bath time. You love to help me bake. You love kicking the soccer ball around with your daddy.

Sweet boy, as we celebrate you today I pray you always feel celebrated and loved. You give me the greatest joy. You have changed my life! Being your mama is the greatest accomplishment in my life. God knew exactly what he was doing when he made me your mama. You’ve challenged me and made me better even in your short two years. I pray that you never know a day without the comfort and confidence of knowing who you are in Christ. I pray that as you grow, your heart grows more in love with Jesus. I love watching you pray. You may have no idea now but you are so faithful and make sure you fold your hands before every single meal. God has big plans for you, Jack. I’m thankful and honored to watch you grow. You are so special, sweet and innocent. You are going to do big things in this world, but for now I am enjoying watching it all through your little eyes and holding your hand along the way.

Happy Birthday, my Jack Loren! Mama loves you so much!

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