Young, Wild & THREE

At the beginning of February we celebrated our sweet boy turning THREE. Although his birthday is the last day of January I don’t have the heart to ever celebrate his birthday earlier. He loves animals big and small and could hardly wait for his “rawr” party. He’s sweet, kind-hearted, easy-going and has a good sense of humor. I’ve loved watching his personality shape more and more over the past few months. The funny things he says and the things he picks up and talks about. He’s a mama’s boy but loves doing all the fun boy things with daddy. He’s a lover of monster trucks, legos and trains. Daddy loves playing soccer with him and he has a pretty good darn kick. We love playing outside together. He enjoys taking walks, collecting bugs and frogs, and helping me in the garden. His favorite color is purple he says. He’s a tremendously good eater but only dislikes potatoes, but will never pass up french fries! He loves grabbing hot chocolate and going through the car wash. He’s a helper when it comes to all things of cooking, baking, laundry and unloading the dishwasher. There’s not a day that the kitchen chair doesn’t get pulled up to my counter as he helps me. He loves going to church in the choo choo room and singing songs. He loves big and has a soft sensitive side. Although I don’t want him to grow anymore I can’t wait for the big plans the Lord has planned out for his life. Here’s to the big three!


When I begin to plan Jack’s birthday parties they are normally thought out a year in advance – theme wise. This year I went between dinosaurs or African safari/wild theme. As they both had the jungle feel I was going for I left the decision up to Jack. He chose the “rawrs!”. So planning began in December as I grabbed my notebook and jotting down ideas I had in my head and on Pinterest. I normally take down Christmas the first week of January to begin preparing so I have time to decorate. This year’s theme I went for more of a black and white with bursts of green palms kinda look.

This year we started at Target looking for poster board. My original plan was to cut out black poster board in silhouettes for the wall background. While down the aisle I thought to myself how hard would it be to make animal patterns. So I bought ten dollars worth of poster board. Two paints I knew I didn’t have. For a total of around $15 I created this wall. It was cheap but time consuming. I spent a few days of nap time and after bedtime with my scissors. I didn’t draw anything but just rather took the scissors to the paper and cut. I then used painters Frog tape to stick everything to the wall. I used about an entire roll, ha!

IMG_5066 IMG_5063 IMG_5084 IMG_5297 IMG_5109

Next, back in December I had found palms on sale at Target and gathered as many as I thought I would need. They are the same ones in the stores now, the threshold brand, but were on clearance for a dollar around Christmas. It was a steal of a deal! I also had leftover felt garland that I previously used as seaweed for his second birthday. Followed by a few small palms and ferns I found at Hobby Lobby on sale that week. I layered them until I got what I liked. I also knew I needed something to cover up the glassware in my hutch. So I found the paper circles at Hobby Lobby and the banner in the Target dollar spot for a dollar. I just saw they still have some banners the last time I was there. And followed up by my Letterfolk felt board. Plastic animals were from Target.

The table cloths came from Party City. Craft paper is Scotch kraft paper. Linked from Amazon but half the price at Meijer or Target. Palm tree plates were Hobby Lobby and the rest of the plates, napkins and silverware was from Party City. Silverware holder was a Target dollar-spot find this precious summer. I invested in small glass mason jars for Jack’s first birthday and have used them ever since. Cake plates and dishes are borrowed or finds from Tjmaxx.

For the living room I wanted it to remain simple as well. I used 2 rolls of Scotch kraft paper for the vines and scrapbook paper that I had cut the leaves out of and hot glued on. Attaching them to the ceiling was just with push pins. The giraffe was from HomeGoods. It was originally two-hundred dollars on clearance for forty after Christmas since it didn’t sell. My mom snatched it up. So if you ever wonder who buys those large Doug and Melissa animals…I always wondered that too.

IMG_5034 IMG_5036 IMG_5223 IMG_5123 IMG_5046

I decided on a breakfast theme this year. A 9:30am party worked perfect. Egg, sausage & veggie casseroles – baked French toast – biscuits & gravy – donut holes – fresh fruit – avocados with balsamic glaze – funfetti & chocolate cupcakes was on the menu. Complete with Starbucks to-go coffee and a hot chocolate bar. Also lemon and mint water, chocolate milk, strawberry milk and orange juice.

It was a fun day celebrating our big three year old! His birthday party alone is a gift from us with a fun theme. We also gifted him a new Monster Jam truck, Jesus Story Book dvd, and a rainbow stacker. I always try and be intentional on gifting things that will last, be educational and be able to used for future siblings also. Hope you enjoyed a peak into his wild party!

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